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Aesthetics Clinic

In a world today where technology and discovery is in our hands, being beautiful should not be that hard. Dr David Ng Weng Keen graduated from University of Leicester; one of the elite universities for medicine Hifu Singapore in the UK. Upon completion in year 2008, he has since accumulated extensive surgical experiences in the fields of neurosurgery, general surgery as well as plastic surgery in the UK as well as Singapore.
Consultation with our aesthetic doctors to develop a treatment program tailored to address your concerns and deliver desired results; Worry free aesthetic treatments and after treatment products to enable self maintenance at home; Follow up contact with our clients to review results.

Alaxis Medical and Aesthetic Surgery has a full suite of equipment with almost all varieties of the lasers or intense pulsed light (IPL), including acne scar laser, fractional laser, pigmentation laser , vascular laser, scar laser, facial rejuvenation laser and hair removal laser, with affordably priced and effective packages designed to help you look and feel more confident.
Led by medical director Dr. Siew Tuck Wah, who oversees day-to-day operations together with his team of nurses and therapists, the clinic offers a comprehensive repertoire of the latest, most advanced procedures for all the most common aesthetic concerns.

From fillers to vitamin therapies, Pico lasers to Fraxel resurfacing, we have a plethora of skin-transformational options that will elevate your skin to the next level. Another clinic, TCS which is situated in Central, added an aesthetic dentist to their team to broaden their services.
SW1 Clinic is at the forefront of new technologies; we offer one of the widest range of FDA approved lasers, ultrasound and radiofrequency aesthetic technology in Singapore. At Ardmore Aesthetic Clinic, it has been helping people regain their youth with firmer and healthier skin.
Dr David is a strong believer in the use of non-invasive and non surgical treatments. At our medical aesthetic clinic, we offer a range of results-driven aesthetic services for all skin types. This aesthetic clinic specialises in lunchtime treatments with no downtime so you can get back to work immediately after.

The Epion Star is one of the clinic's signature treatments and includes three parts. We are an established aesthetics clinic in Singapore focusing on advance acne care, cosmetic dermatology and skin surgery. They also sell skincare products that supplement the treatments.

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