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Beaxy Exchange

Beaxy” All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange. It also provides access to the coin staking and loyalty reward programs, and Beaxy operates a loyalty reward program that incorporates the PLUS Token (PLS) and BXY and PLS can be swapped at a 1:1 ratio, with the loyalty program and coin staking working in conjunction.
Beaxy, powered by the same trading technology as NASDAQ, Bloomberg, and other major stock exchanges, is an all-in-one digital asset exchange that aims to provide users with the ultimate trading experience in terms or trading customization and features, asset security, transaction speed, and customer support.

The token can currently be used for reducing trading fees, as a security deposit to become a certified OTC trader on Huobi, as a trading pair for major currencies and also as a voting tool for deciding which new coins should be listed on the exchange.
Beaxy's vision is to build a secure and straightforward all-in-one platform that helps in facilitating a world where digital currencies are as accessible as fiat currencies Its user interface will be an elegant and sleek experience for the user, internally powerful, and externally simple.
Beaxy follows a unique user acquisition strategy that includes project partnerships, incentivizing trial and usage, both-sided referrals, and market maker rebate, among others. The platform also enables Beaxy to provide several wallets per currency, multiple users on a single account with various levels of permission, in-exchange TradingView charting and a security token offering launch platform.

Beaxy will be suitable for the most different tasks and will be capable of solving many problems, regardless of specifics activities users. Their efforts have helped bridge the gap between cryptocurrency enthusiasts and part-time speculators, to retail and institutional investors.
Beaxy has announced the launched of its cryptocurrency trading platform, which is now live in 43 states in the U.S. and 185 countries. Those who join through a referral code will be granted a Platinum level account (20% discount on trading fees) for a limited time period (60 days).
The majority of the exchange's core functions are unlocked by going through the KYC verification process and users can not initiate withdrawals without passing KYC. Any users also eligible for the loyalty rewards program will have the option to combine these two features when staking tokens.

As mentioned earlier you can receive a discount of 50% in trading fees when you use $BXY tokens. However, given that the regulator is notoriously stringent about approving cryptocurrency derivatives platforms, Hamazaspyan admitted that it would be a long shot.
Therefore, Beaxy's attempted breach was an eye-opener and arguably productive to the platform as it resulted in better overall security practices. Referred user receive a Platinum membership (20% off fees) for 60 days. BeaxyвЂs exclusive Beaxy partnership with OneMarketData (“OMD”), lead to the development of a proprietary and market leading matching engine with unparallelled speeds of up to 225,000 transactions per second, per pair - comparable to that of NASDAQ.
Users can convert their BXY token into the PLS token and vice-versa whenever they want. Users who possess the PLS token are entitled to receive up to 25% of the trading fee that was collected on the Beaxy exchange. Beaxy has also secured an exclusive partnership with OneMarketData to provide stock market exchange level order book and matching data systems.

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