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Backpack Or Suitcase?

When you visit Sydney, Australia, what are the first things that come to mind? Fitting any hiking pack starts at securing the hip belts over the top crest of your hips, pull the shoulder straps firmly wholesale backpacks bringing the pack against your back and flush over your shoulders, adjust the shoulder load lifter straps to draw the weight onto your hips and then finally secure a light tension on your chest strap.
Note that the Victorian portion of this range is specifically discussed her - the segments belonging to New South Wales and Queensland are found in our Backpacking the East Coast guide The most important parts of the Victorian Great Dividing Range are the Grampians National Park and Alpine National Park.

There is a lot of word chopping and sometimes it seems as if a random vowel is stuck at the end of every word to complete it. You'll catch on to the colloquialisms fairly quickly but, for a little extra help, I've included a list of some popular Australian slang.
The following is a brief history provided by Alexandria Zboyovski , who wrote our Backpacking the East Coast and Tasmania guides. Fooite or Australian Rules Football is a strange mix of football, rugby, and basketball and is 100% unique to Australia. Another great thing to look for is a pocket that stores away the backpack straps for transport, so your pack doesn't accidentally break a buckle as it spins around the luggage conveyor belt at the airport.
Finding the most comfort in your hiking pack is best done through selecting a pack that matches your capacity demands and carrying weight. With a suitcase, you'll have the space to pack everything, from your SLR camera to a pair of undies for every day of your 3 week trip.

I suggest the new Osprey Aether AG 70 backpack, which you can read about here, and don't forget to consider a daypack as well. The Osprey Farpoint 40L backpack would be a good choice as it's light, sturdy, and has a large front panel with padded laptop and tablet sleeves, and a small internal pocket for small items.
Operating since 1974, Osprey backpacks feature innovative designs, superior quality, and ergonomic comfort. Plus, the Traveller even has a detachable daypack for when your adventures warrant travelling light during the day. Time after time, Australians just roll with the punches (quite literally sometimes) and then proceed to take a piss and forget about whatever may have had a chance of bothering them.

Dimensions - if you're looking for a carry-on backpack, don't forget to check the dimensions to make sure they work with your favorite airline's carry-on restrictions. An Australian is threatened on a near day-to-day basis either from deadly creatures, ridiculous climate patterns or from people that constantly need to remind them of these last two points.
I can't carry weight on my back so use a 2-wheeled suitcase (easier to control on rougher terrain than 4-wheel), but you could also look at wheeled backpacks. From day trips to long haul travel FCS bags and packs have got you covered. Malaysia is a pretty cool spot and backpacking around the peninsula or on the island of Borneo is definitely worth trying.

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