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Couples counseling is available to couples in which each partner is a registered Columbia student and is enrolled in Columbia Health. We recommend that you use the Basic Search or other searches to find therapists and counselling services near you who take your insurance, or Medicare and Medicaid, and who specialize in specific age groups or focus on work with military, children of divorce, people with chronic illness, and more.
If you and your partner are having same fights which get more and more escalated and eventually you move on without resolution because you can't stand the conflict, only to get into the same argument at a later time, it is a good idea to consider professional help from a marriage counselor.

Couples seeking marriage or relationship therapy do so to improve their relationships and may find this method a beneficial approach, as it can help people divorce therapy better understand both their own emotional responses in the context of interpersonal interactions and those of significant people in their lives.
Teenagers who are struggling with any of the following - depression, anxiety, behavior problems, substance use, family conflicts, anger, relationship problems, negative peer influences, social skills problems, academic problems, sibling conflicts, lack of motivation, difficulty focusing, eating disorders - benefit greatly from talk psychotherapy.

Offering: EMDR Therapy, Online Therapy for NYC Clients, Concierge Therapy, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Skype Coaching, Relationship Counseling, Marriage + Family Therapy, Online Therapy + Counseling for Couples, Anxiety Therapy, Depression Therapy, Addiction + Recovery Support, Transformation Coaching, Women's Online Mentoring, Therapy for Millenials, Sex and Intimacy Therapy, Health + Wellness Coaching, Autoimmune Coaching, Video Counseling, Telehealth, Teletherapy, Telemedicine Worldwide via SimplePractice, Skype, FaceTime or Telephone Sessions.
When a couple starts to see all aspects of each other (rather than just those that initially drew them to one another), communication starts to break down or always seems to be an issue, and stress from everyday life like work, finances, parenting, in-laws, and sex are causing a couple to grow distant, it's a crucial time in the relationship where couples counseling and therapy can really help.
Our therapists are committed to your growth and development, and aim to fulfill your therapeutic goals by helping you strengthen your emotional well-being, improve your interpersonal relationships, gain insight and understanding around your triggers and reactions, and implement the necessary tools for you to be in control of your life.

Especially convenient to Clients near Grand Central Station which makes it easily accessible to Midtown Manhattan, all Downtown, Times Square (10018), Lower Manhattan (10007), Upper East Side (10075), Upper West Side (10024), East Village (10009), Murray Hill, Flatiron (10011), Rockland County, Westchester and all areas of New York City including Brooklyn and Queens.
I currently specialize in the following: Marital Therapy with highly distressed couples, with couples that have severe and persistent problems, with couples struggling through the impact of an affair and with couples facing the prospect of divorce; and Family Therapy with adults and their parents and with adult siblings.

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