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Confederate Flags Are The #1 Selling Flags

This Confederate battle flag is a high quality lightweight polyeter flag with brass grommets. In December, the Roanoke Sons of Confederate Veterans chapter arrived at the city's annual Christmas Parade with fewer than 20 people, says Mark Craig, the group's commander, but just before the parade started, a new group arrived, some of whom grabbed the SCV's flags and began waving them.
The man arrested in connection to the shootings, 21-year-old Dylann Roof, reportedly harbored racist sentiments and wanted to incite a "race war." He appeared to pose with the Confederate battle flag in several photos that were unearthed after the attack.

In Charleston, South Carolina, not far from where Emanuel AME lost its pastor and eight others, Michael Allen works as a National Park Service historian at historic Civil War and Reconstruction sites, including some that Roof visited in the days leading up to the shooting.
On the last day, I again sit with Lindy Isonhood, this time at Deer Hollow, their other home farther south where Ira's Confederate man cave, as Kate is calling the rooms we've seen, is packed with deer antlers, a boar's head trophy, and little rebel flags.
What is now often called "The Confederate Flag" or "The Confederate Battle Flag" (actually a combination of the battle flag's colors with the second naval jack design), despite its never having historically represented the CSA as a nation, has become a widely recognized symbol of the South.

Our exclusive Rough Tex Fabric Finish surface treatment composition, coated textiles and flag fabrics, to enhance printing of designs and patterns; Fabric Finish treated to preserve color (UV Protection) dyes and inks to reduce fade; Flag Bunting Fabric that may or may not have printed patterns and designs for use in textile flag applications, namely Ruffin Flags exclusive Rough Tex bunting used in the manufacture of flags, banners and bunting.
Saying they recognized the divisiveness of the flag, retailers started pulling Confederate merchandise from store shelves and online marketplaces to avoid alienating customers. rebel flag The first cut of the film also showed Lindy and husband, Ira Isonhood, flying the Confederate battle flag on a 20ft pole in the backyard of one of their homes.

Also known as the rebel flag, Southern Cross, or Dixie flag this flag is a true part of american history. Browse our entire collection of Wholesale 148 confederate flags customers reviews. The debate has since shifted to other Southern states with Confederate imagery on their banners.

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