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Send Customized SMS Nigeria

According to Nielsen, American teenagers send and receive, on average, 2,272 messages per month. Now, not only do ordinary subscribers love text messaging, big and powerful organizations have come into the foray, using text messaging as a marketing tool to reach millions of telephone subscribers quicker, cheaper and directly with their advertising promotions.
Buy Bulk SMS Text Message Online In Nigeria @ 76kobo per SMS unit and Enjoy Immediate Delivery. We provide affordable & most reliable Bulk SMS Service in Nigeria. Bulk SMS Nigeria / Bulk SMS Service / Bulk SMS in Nigeria. The concept of sending bulk SMS in Nigeria is becoming popular day by day. Web bulk SMS is usually quite cheaper than phone to phone sms and is increasingly being used by companies for marketing Bulk SMS Nigeria purposes. Instant delivery of Bulk messages. We support all types of legitimate SMS including transactional messages, announcements, updates, alerts, promotions, campaigns and reminders.

Partner with BRIGHT SMS SOLUTIONS and get a complete Bulk SMS Website of your own () installed with our robust platform that makes it possible for you to sell sms, manage your members, get orders, approve purchases, view transactions e.t.c. You can work from anywhere even from home, you are accountable to no one but yourself (You become your own Boss), and you start making the kind of money you really deserve.
Yjsgfa name="fa fa-check"Send Mobile sms to all GSM & CDMA Networks. In India maximum people are using two handset or two mobile number So join Bulk SMS HUB and use the power of bulk sms. Whether it's through desktop, tablet or mobile browsers, you can send SMS anytime, anywhere.
Bulk SMS solution enables business communication over the mobile, creates new customer for company and client communication and provides a cost effective platform for interacting with a wider audience in a very short span of time. Best bulk sms provider in Nigeria - , you can not doubt that your sms sending will be successfull and free.

You can now easily personalise the message you send to your contacts, using predefined tags (e.g NAME, FNAME, LNAME e.t.c); you can include contact name, phone number or DOB(date of birth) in your out-going messages. Bulk SMS from Your Mobile. Bulk SMS Sender ID enables you to brand SMSes going out with your company name.
Our SMS gateway allows users to send sms to nigeria, Dubai and also to 550 networks in 200 countries around the world. Signing up on this site is very easy and you get free Test units to test their speed of delivery. Web-to-Phone Short Message System can send unlimited number of customised messages from your computer to a cell phone or phones in any part of Nigeria to all GSM and CDMA networks.
You will never find another portal with same features as ours, apart from being the cheapest bulk sms site in Nigeria, We are also the only website that allows you to buy cheap data bundles online. As a part of a marketing campaign, bulk text messages are also introduced for Alerts, Notifications and Competitions.
Bulk SMS on my mobile phone is working with mobile app. In less than 3 munites you can integrate Ozioma API to your website or application or system and start sending messages. Our Bulk SMS in Nigeria Service will help you to achieve your advertising plan and strategy, increases your client retention and ensure a better client and staff relationship with your organization.

Use SMS messages to promote your competition and actively invite entries using two-way messaging. To send your text messages, simply log in with your username and password. Send Bulk SMS messages to all networks in Nigeria and over 600 networks worldwide. Our system can send bulk sms Up to 20pages without any hassles likewise to millions of recipients with no hitch.
You can Send SMS to your Friends, Clients, Family, Group and You can as well make use of Our Phone Number Database to send out Broadcast messages to People. BulkSMS Nigeria is relatively new but they have made their presence felt within the short period of their existence.

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