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University Australia International Student Application

Australia is such a wonderful country. English language testing is required for people being sponsored to work in trade occupations (ie ASCO Group 4). For applications lodged on or after 14 April 2009, the English language requirement has been increased from an IELTS average 4.5 to average 5.0.
Please send your International Application form and scanned coloured original or certified documents to ia@ If you are unable to send the application compass school finder via email you can work with your Education Agent or send to the International Admissions address noted in the paper-based section.

However, a student cannot be accepted for a graduate medical school position at a school that is higher on their preference list than the school they interviewed at. For example, if you complete an interview at your fourth preference school, your application for a final offer will be considered for your fourth, then if unsuccessful your fifth preference and so on. It will not be considered for your first, second, or third preferences in such a case.
In a stark contrast to some other European nations, Germany supports immigration of skilled workers and since 2005, it has made permanent residency application to all highly-skilled workers rather than offering them a five-year initial visa as was the case previously.

In our experience, we find that this is the most common area of the application process that students miss out on. Many courses have specific curriculum requirements that can be difficult to navigate, especially those in health science or art faculties.
Aside from obtaining information on courses, tuition, and faculty members, you may also be lucky enough to hear personal experiences with regard to the quality of instruction, the rigors of the program, and other factors that will aid you in making a decision where to apply.
If you are accepted into a foreign study program you will need to have the time to arrange where you will live and how you will fund your studies and day to day living expenses while you are there, so it makes sense to get all the proper steps in place as soon as you can.

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