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Hand Sanitizer

This fact sheet is for businesses who may have recently become involved in the manufacture or supply of hand sanitisers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our range includes blood pressure monitors and cuffs and blood testing and urinalysis, so health monitoring can be conducted at home or on the go. Our stethoscopes and thermometers are high quality and assist health care professionals and others to diagnose and monitor health conditions.
This may be an expensive option but if you're a fan of organic, you can grab the Organic Choice hand sanitiser through the Crazysales online store (there's also an eight pack hand wash for AU$94.95 ) Each bottle is a travel-sized 50mL, contains aloe vera to keep your hands moisturised, and you only need to use a tiny pea-sized amount to kill unwanted germs.

The company, which was founded in 2013 and is now part-owned by drinks giant Lion , employs about 60 full-time equivalent staff, and Gregor says producing a range of Four Pillars hand sanitiser will allow the company to keep people employed in bottling, packaging and logistics.
As the COVID-19 virus continues to wreak havoc on the world and in response to limited vital medical supplies, increasing shortages and disruptions to supply chains, SPINIFEX Brewing Co and Limestone Coast Brewing are stepping up to the plate and immediately moving to the production of High Alcohol Content Hand Sanitiser for supply to Western Australia.
Bar staff who've been stood down at Sydney distillery Archie Rose are being brought back in to craft 65 per cent alcohol hand sanitiser The new product uses the same botanicals found in Archie Rose gin, such as thyme, cardamom, cassia and grapefruit.

In New South Wales, Gregor says Cape Byron Distillery, which makes the Brookie's Byron range of gin, is also working on producing hand sanitiser, and Sydney-based Archie Rose Distilling Co this week starting taking pre-orders for its new hand sanitiser product.
The new hand sanitiser is currently being formulated by Skin Elements using third party independent test results on ingredients. These products should be labelled in accordance with the Australian Competition and Consumers Commission's mandatory standard for cosmetics labelling There are no WHS laws regarding how to label cosmetics and toiletries packaged for consumers.

Feel clean, fresh and hygienic with Independence Australia's range of personal grooming and hygiene aids. Independence Australia's range of walking and mobility aids will help support those with limited mobility. Just squirt of PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer kills as many germs as 2 squirts of any other national brand.
Sterile and non-sterile drain bags available online at Independence Australia, make's incontinence support simpler, and helps wearers stay dry and comfortable. But right now it's also selling hand sanitizer - 55ml at 75% alcohol for under a fiver. PURELL NXT is a refreshing hand sanitizer that kills 99.99% of most common germs in as little as 15 seconds, without soap, water or towels.

Check out Independence Australia's extensive range of Needles, Syringes and Solutions online today. While various ingredients can be used, alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to act as an effective disinfectant, while those with low or no alcohol offer no benefits.
Brisbane Distillery's hand sanitiser is made in large batches and is hospital grade, perfect for freshening up those hard working-from-home hands. Products with one of two specific formulations - these types of hand sanitisers are excluded from the TGA regulations during the COVID-19 pandemic.
One of the best ways to protect yourself from infection is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water, but there are times when you don't have immediate access to soap and water, say when you're on public transport or walking to and from work. As well as supplying large containers of the stuff to local medical centres, doctors, hospitals and care workers, 500-millilitre bottles are also available for purchase via Cape Byron's website for a reasonable $14.99.

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