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Canadian Cannabis Clinics

London doctors considering medical marijuana prescriptions will have a new resource to refer their patients to this summer. Under conflict of interest rules in Ontario, similar to those in other provinces, doctors cannot personally accept referral fees or kickbacks, or limit patients' choice of treatments, said Shae Greenfield, a spokesman for the province's College of Physicians and Surgeons.
To obtain cannabis for medical use, a patient or client generally needs to register with a governmental authority and a holder of a licence for sale of cannabis for medical purposes, and get an authorization (medical document and written order) from an authorized health care practitioner.

Members get access to the staff pharmacist” — actually an international medical graduate — who asks them to provide medical documents including a letter of diagnosis from a physician, and copies of prescriptions and hospital records before arranging a telemedicine conference, for an additional $150, with a physician.
The idea of a medical clinic dedicated to treating a range of conditions with one type of therapy is unusual to begin with, not least because the evidence canna clinic toronto of marijuana's health benefits is limited, said Dr. Nav Persaud, a family physician and health-policy professor at the University of Toronto.

Please click on any "NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS" or "REGISTER NOW" button (there is a big red one in the top right hand corner of your screen) or call Cannabis Clinic toll-free at 1-877-278-1929 to book a free consultation appointment exploring if you qualify for an appointment with a nurse practitioner in your area.
An Irish-led private investment group which is focused on the European legal cannabis sector is weighing up a multimillion-pound flotation as it looks to establish a network of specialist clinics in the UK and Ireland for patients wishing to access the drug.

In Canada, however, the process is much more individualized: If you're interested in trying prescription cannabis and your doctor agrees to prescribe it, you qualify. If you are an education centre, clinic or doctor dedicated to transforming the lives of patients through medical cannabis, we'd love to collaborate with you.
The Cannabis Health Clinic has teamed up with high quality medical marijuana producers to broaden its reach in Canada's liberalising market. The clinic's goal is to "make it easy and safe and comfortable" for patients by connecting them with doctors who are comfortable and knowledgeable.

Levy said the Windsor clinic hasn't hired any doctors to work locally, and that, for now, they will travel to the location or communicate with patients via tele-conferencing. Some jurisdictions maintain a master list of qualifying conditions that patients must meet to get a legal marijuana prescription.

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