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Personal Injury Lawyer Atlanta

Grant Law Office has been providing effective legal representation to personal injury victims and their loved ones in Georgia for more than 30 years. Examples of common personal injury cases in Georgia include auto accidents, Auto Accident Attorney motorcycle accidents, semi-trailer truck accidents, worker's compensation claims, construction accidents and other work-related injuries, medical malpractice, wrongful death and other forms of general negligence.
This study is actually the one that made more people realize that drivers have trouble noticing motorbikes in traffic, hence the comment many people make that "I just didn't see it until it was too late." This is an often-repeated refrain to both the police and insurance companies when dealing with the aftermath of such accidents.

While we always strive to obtain the maximum amount of financial compensation for your losses and future needs, we also use our network of relationships and contacts to make sure that you receive the medical care and attention necessary to live a quality life with confidence.
After 15 years of representing thousands of individuals in Georgia, I have learned not only how to be a strong advocate for my clients against big corporations and insurance companies but to also understand and address the specific needs and concerns of each client.

Attorneys Stokes & Kopitsky, P.A. continue to recover significant settlements for persons injured in bicycle, bike and motorcycle accidents Because cyclists are more exposed and less visible to other drivers, they face very serious dangers in traffic.
An experienced Atlanta personal injury lawyer could evaluate your situation and determine whether you may be able to receive compensation that could cover the added expenses and difficulties caused by the injury, leaving you free to focus on recovery.
We believe that this attention to detail and commitment to excellence gives our clients the best form of representation so that their legal interests are fully and fairly represented in every court in Georgia, both inside and outside the Atlanta area.

Personal Injury Lawyers are different breed of attorney and these attorneys are out to make money at the expense of innocent businesses; especially in Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, New York, Atlanta and Washington DC where the phone books are full of Personal Injury Lawyers.
Mr. Haug has won numerous verdicts, including a recent major Medical malpractice verdict in excess of $1,000,000.00 and millions in settlements; Mr. Haug dedicates his personal injury firm every day to fight for the rights of Georgia citizens and residents across the southeast.

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