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Hardwood Flooring Online Australia

When it comes to flooring, polished concrete floors are great materials, which are more commonly used. There will be different types that you can choose from, beginning with solid hardwood, engineered hardwood, which consists of many plies of wood glued together as a wood plank, parquet wood, which is shaped as a rectangle and installed as a floor tile using glue or nails, floating wood, which is usually used to cover a different flooring material such as concrete, longs trip hardwood, which are just like those wood laminates but longer and wider, exotic hardwood, which is wood imported from other parts of the world such as Australia and Brazil and may come as engineered wood, and hand-scraped hardwood which is wood that has been manually scraped in order to create an antique look.
Blackwattle Hardwood Floors provides an effortless marriage of design and functionality, always ensuring signature precision. Areas engineered timber flooring that experience high levels of seasonal variation require greater allowance for floor expansion at the time of installation.

Timber marketed as Tasmanian, or Tassie Oak” is most often a combination of three distinct species of tree, all of which are found most often in - you guessed it - Tasmania, and while they are all certainly similar there is a wide amount of variation between the three.
An Australian hardwood Spotted Gum floor demands your attention when you step onto it. A flow of beautiful tones, from blond through to deep chocolate, highlights of rich reds, with low lights of softest pink… it can be as bold or subtle as you wish for your home.

At Australian Hardwood Flooring and Decking Co. we take 30 years of experience, dovetailed with an expert understanding of timber to create the hardwood floors you've always dreamed of. Having an artisanal approach to our work and a deep understanding of the behaviour of timber we deliver an individualised and one-off product to meet the needs of any sized project.
When it comes to first-class elegance, supreme reliability and warmth in your home, nothing beats a solid timber floor. In fact, no flooring material has proven to be as long-lasting as hardwood. Should you have a rustic hardwood floor in your home, choose a rug that has either dark or neutral colors in it. Think in terms of robust browns, bold greens, and warm tones of orange and red.
The aged oak-coloured grain of the Bizet range features deep rich brown colours that can enrich any space and add a sense of moodiness. Despite its Biblical significance and multi-purpose use, you won't find many hardwood flooring manufacturers producing acacia.

Planet Timbers is always ready to help you with your flooring needs. In terms of timber flooring, this is usually correct. Timber floors can be noisy, depending on how it is used and the types of shoes you are wearing. In addition to all of this, our structural and non-structural decorative timber ceiling beams, are available in solid French oak or laminate and we also offer veneer from 4-10mm.
We specialise in Australian and imported flooring species and we carry ample stock to fulfil both small and large volume orders. If you don't want to purchase each individual tool for installing laminate floors you can find laminate floor installation kits which include all of the tools you will need to complete the job from $350 to $500.

The density, stability and durability we see in reclaimed timbers is just as much about the time they have been seasoned as about the timber that was used in the first place, especially where hardwood is concerned. It is not that much different from other hardwood floors in terms of durability and all around goodness.
In addition to its use as a hardwood floor , Australian Cypress is used in cabinetry, healing oils, and cosmetics. The bamboo flooring review will not be complete if the Ming Dynasty Hand Scraped bamboo flooring brand is not mentioned. Engineered, of course, refers to the fact that the French Oak lamella (the beautiful top layer with its visible grain) is securely bonded to a eucalyptus base before being precision-cut to the needed size.
Lighter timber floors are a good neutral option. Elegant Oak is a traditional tongue and groove engineered Oak floor. The reason that this type of material is available at lower flooring prices is due to bamboo's ability to regenerate. Cost can add up quickly, especially if you're a novice and have never attempted a Solid Oak Flooring installation before.

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