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Spinal Solutions

Decompression Therapy” - Our Doctors use specialized articulating tables, which are beneficial to patients with specific types of lower-back problems, such as extreme stiffness or disc-related disorders. With this new technology, we have unlimited flexibility Scoliosis Specialist Los Angeles to position you the patient in a way that targets the disc most effectively, You aren't pulled by a strap, but rather strapped to the table and the table itself flexes your spine or extends your spine, or bends and rotates it to one side or another.
While non surgical decompression is a terrific tool to use to rehydrate your degenerative disc disease, reduce the pain from disc herniations, and disc bulges, as well as facet syndrome and gives great sciatica pain relief, it is by no means the only component to what we do to get you back on your feet and functioning again.

Dr. James fills a unique and significant role in treating back, neck, spine, brain and nervous system disorders using safe and effective methods, producing lasting long term health benefits, many times having great success with patients for whom all other treatment methods have failed.

If your injury progresses to the point where the disc material moves into spaces occupied by nerves, you are facing back surgery…well until now that is. With the inception of the DRX9000 and the ABS spinal decompression machines, patients now have a non- surgical option to relieve the nonstop pain they have been experiencing.
We propose that for patients receiving MIS spinal decompression as palliation for symptomatic MECC, patients should have severe enough disease to warrant surgical over medical management, have failed or are poor candidates for alternative modalities, have comorbidities preventing alternative therapies, or have a high systemic disease burden and thus short life expectancy.

When determining the optimal surgical procedure, a surgeon will consider patient pathology (the structural and functional changes that led to the patient’s neurological dysfunction), the level or levels of the spine affected, the patient’s medical history and his or her surgical experience and training.
Spinal decompression therapy is a treatment option for people with long-term back pain , sciatica , leg pain, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, numbness and other conditions that have not responded to initial treatments such as chiropractic adjustments, manipulation and physical therapy.
If you suffer from chronic back pain or have been injured and live with a level of discomfort that is affecting your quality of life, we urge you to seek the least invasive, most effective alternatives before choosing to undergo surgery. Dr. Pouria Elyasi is devoted to bringing you much better wellbeing and a far better means of existence by training and practising the true principles of chiropractic wellness treatment.

Bulging discs: A disc that has pushed outside of its usual space in the spinal canal can put pressure on nerves and cause pain at the site and throughout your body. Non-surgical spinal decompression has had great success in providing relief from conditions such as Pinched Nerves, Bulging Discs, Disc Herniations, Sciatica, Disc Degeneration Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and Facet Syndrome.
Over the past decade, a trend toward making incisions smaller and trying to decrease patient's postoperative discomfort has yielded even more treatment options for patients with spine problems. For over 10 years we had 3 DRX 9000c combi tables, operating 9-10 hours per day full of patients.

By definition, spinal decompression therapy aims to reduce the compression and allow the column to expand back to a comfortable state. The benefits of Spinal Decompression are numerous, and few Santa Monica Chiropractors can offer the extensive in-house services provided by Prodigy Chiro Care.

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