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What Is The World Mission Society Church Of God?

I was reading a very interesting article the other day. We are well acquainted with the saying actions speak louder than words.” Although people celebrate the True wmscog  day honoring the sun-god's birth saying it's for Jesus doesn't make the day what they claim it to be, especially when X-mas is not Jesus' actual birthday.
Through reading my review of this article, as well as some important things I highlighted from it, you will find the answer to that burning question, and come to the knowledge of the true God and the Church that has the truth mankind has been seeking.

God chose his people from the beginning of time and gave them the Sabbath Day which always belonged to God not to man - as a result in God's choosing His own people a minority not a majority kept God's laws and commands - it is still the same and far better to belong to the minority who is doing what is right in God's point of view rather than in man's.
They do this through manipulations based on their own standards of what faith and religion should be. Even if you were to take the Bible, read it by yourself, and decided to follow what is in it, without even attending any Church, cult experts” would declare most of what is written as a cult-like behavior.” It's time to expose the consequence of their actions and show that cult experts” break up World Mission Society Church of God families, not the Church.

Whether the term originated with Christianity is debatable, but certainly the Middle Platonists and the Stoics had specific ascetic practices associated with their respective philosophical schools and according to Pierre Hadot in Philosophy as A Way of Life ascetic practices were part and parcel of every ancient school of philosophy.
Hindered the progress of WMSCOG, as even in areas with a Christian majority, such as United States or Peru (another country where the church has been quite successful), the announcement that a God the Mother is ready to offer her motherly love seem to resonate with the aspirations and needs of many.
I've been a member of the World Mission Society Church of God for a while now, and in this church, you'll find the kindest, most respectable, selfless, loving people on this earth, and it shows through the multiple awards given to the Church of God from world leaders such as President Obama and Queen Elisabeth.

It is because they think that the day of worship is not so important at this present time and that belief in Jesus is enough to be saved So they just keep Man-made rule like Sunday worship.T his is why members of the World Mission Society Church of God (WMSCOG) claim to be true God's people.
In a time when the Faith is being attacked on so many sides, it is necessary that the people of God join together to provide a unified response, or suffer the disadvantage of dealing with quarrels both between Christians themselves and those who would like to see Christianity be a footnote in history.

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