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This article will discuss the filing of a motion to quash service in an unlawful detainer also known as eviction case in California. Click here to jump to the information links at the bottom of this page will answer the most common questions, including how many repair attempts are needed, how much money you should receive for a California lemon law buyback , which cars and trucks are excluded from California's lemon laws, whether there is a lemon law for used cars , how serious a defect needs to be in order for a vehicle to be considered a lemon under California law, the amount and type of monetary damages you can recover in a lawsuit, and tips for choosing a qualified attorney If you want to find out if you qualify for an automobile buyback, you will be able to find the information you need in the links listed below.
Under the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, better known as California's Lemon Law, individuals and small businesses that purchase defective vehicles are entitled to a refund of nearly all their money (down payment, monthly payments, etc.) or, if they choose, they can have their vehicle replaced at the expense of the manufacturer.

Chosen By The Most Well Informed - We've been chosen to represent people who have people choosing attorneys for them including a: NBA 4-time champ and All-Star, two MLB - Pro Baseball Players, television actor, a Mayor, a Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a Fortune 500 company, Police Chiefs and Lieutenants, Sheriffs, Fire Chiefs, Senior Military attorney, and a large car dealership chain owner just to name a few.
That is, in all lawsuits in which we included a claim under California's lemon law (i.e., the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act) our clients have succeeded by either having their lemon vehicle repurchased (i.e., received a lemon law buyback”), getting their vehicle replaced by the manufacturer or dealer, or receiving a mutually-agreed upon cash settlement payment from the defendants.

You may have a California lemon law claim and case that will allow you to return the vehicle under the California state lemon law statute for a buyback and get a refund of all the monies and payments you have made, as well as a payoff of any loan or lease balance.
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A factory warranty is one given to the consumer at the time of purchase by the automobile manufacturer and may include new cars, used cars Lemon Law Attorney San Diego (still covered under the manufacturer's new car warranty) or even certified pre-owned cars still covered by this initial warranty.

Statewide representation - While our primary office is located in downtown San Diego, we represent clients throughout California, including less populated and rural areas where experienced California Lemon Law attorneys may not otherwise be easily accessible.
If the manufacturer is given enough repair attempts (based on the type of problem and the circumstances unique to that case) and the vehicle cannot be repaired to conform to the express manufacturers' warranty, then the consumer may be eligible for a full buy back (repurchase) or replacement of the lemon vehicle.

Trial Victories in San Diego: Although the overwhelming majority of our firm's Lemon Law cases settle short of trial, including hundreds of favorable settlements for San Diego consumers, our attorneys have significant trial experience and are ready to try cases when the manufacturers are unwilling to make a reasonable offer to settle.
If you have a question about the lemon law, and you don't see the answer in the links listed above, mail it directly to California lemon law attorney Michael R. Vachon, Esq. Come with a manufacturer's warranty (new or certified pre-owned) that is still in effect at the time of the first repair attempt.
The Lemon Law Lawyers at the Justice Law Group of San Diego will take care of every detail so you can concentrate on the most important part - yourself and your family. Our experienced attorney and staff can help you enforce California's lemon law for used cars and its new car lemon law.

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