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Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers (2019)

Currently, there are thousands of Bluetooth speakers available online, which proves their increased popularity over the years. Connectivity & Compatibility: You don't have to worry about connectivity with the Angle 3, It is compatible with a wide range of audio devices, including iPhone, iPad, Amazon Echo device, Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series, as well as many other Bluetooth devices, like laptops and Macs.
The Battery life for the Anker sound core is pretty amazing as it gives you up to 24 hours (which is approximately 480-500 song Loudest bluetooth speaker under 100 play time) of constant playback on a single charge that's over twice longer than what most other Bluetooth speakers can offer.

At just 70, this Bluetooth speaker delivers 20W of powerful audio, is IPX6-certified so it'll survive water being thrown at it, has a strap for portability, 20hrs of battery life and can be paired with another Z8Plus to deliver a true stereo experience.
Though there were plenty of Bluetooth Speakers launched before 2012, Jabra Solemate is what made its existence valid by not only offering a small box that generates audio waves but also giving it a great look, sturdy built quality and plenty of connectivity options.

One thing you should know about this portable wireless bluetooth speaker is that; while it sounds great and gives you an all-surround-sound, it's also not fully dust or waterproof, so you'll want to think twice before bringing the Revolve to the beach.
The OontZ Angle 3 Next Generation Portable Bluetooth Speaker takes advantage of the wireless benefits of Bluetooth technology to create a compact, portable speaker that's perfect for picnics, camping and other activities that place you outside the walls of your home.
Additionally, it can also serve as a speakerphone which makes the voice at the other end clear when making a call and can also be paired with another style-s to create a stereo surround sound by easily pressing +and” Bluetooth on one speaker and -and” Bluetooth on other speaker.

While you might be looking for something for your office desk or home bookshelf, many speakers in this price range feature tough, water-resistant builds that can take a beating on a hike, and backpack-friendly designs so you can easily tote them anywhere.
NFC helps your mobile device remember the speaker it last paired with and will automatically pair with the speaker the next time you switch it on. This helps you to save time as you do not need to constantly rediscover the speaker on your Bluetooth device every time you switch it on. It also minimises the instances where your mobile device cannot discover the Bluetooth speaker on the network, which can be the case if there are too many interfering Bluetooth devices.

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