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THE BEST Bail Bondsmen In New Haven, CT

Gorilla Bail Bonds New Haven offers bail bonds services for the residents of New Haven, CT. Our bonding agents are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are all professional, experienced and licensed. Each professional bondsman licensed under the provisions of this chapter may apply for a renewal of his license upon renewal application forms provided by the Commissioner of Public Safety and requiring the disclosure of such information as said commissioner requires in determining whether or not such professional bondsman's financial responsibility remains unimpaired or whether for any other reason such bondsman's fitness to continue in such business has been otherwise altered since the issuance of any prior license.
Upon being satisfied, after investigation, that the applicant is a suitable person to receive a license as a bail enforcement agent, and that the applicant meets the licensing requirements of section 29-152f, the Commissioner of Public Safety may issue a license to such applicant to do business in this state as a bail enforcement agent.

Prior to taking or attempting to take into custody the principal on a bond, a professional bondsman licensed under chapter 533, a surety bail bond agent licensed under chapter 700f or a bail enforcement agent licensed under sections 29-152f to 29-152i, inclusive, shall notify the police department or resident state trooper for, or state police troop having jurisdiction over, the municipality in which the principal is believed to be located of such bondsman's or agent's intentions.
We believe in the right to bail and our mission is not only to help individuals get their friends and loved ones out of jail in the shortest time possible, but to help them through the process as well by helping to keep track of court appointments and other legal requirements Statewide Bail Bonds.

Upon satisfying himself that an applicant meets the licensing requirements of this state and is in all respects properly qualified and trustworthy and that the granting of such license is not against the public interest, the commissioner may issue to such applicant the license applied for, in such form as he may adopt, to act within this state to the extent therein specified.
In order to keep the flow of New Haven moving for everyone in its current frame, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds provides confidential and on-line Bail Bonds Agent New Haven bail bond service to anyone needing fast help in New Haven or Connecticut in general who finds themselves in a legal pinch.

The Commissioner of Public Safety may suspend, revoke or refuse to renew the license of any bail enforcement agent, provided notice shall have been given to the licensee to appear before the commissioner to show cause why the license should not be suspended, revoked or refused renewal, upon a finding by the commissioner that: (1) The licensee has violated any of the terms or provisions of sections 29-152e to 29-152m, inclusive, or section 38a-660a or any of the regulations adopted under section 29-152o; (2) the licensee has practiced fraud, deceit or misrepresentation; (3) the licensee has made a material misstatement in the application for issuance or renewal of such license; (4) the licensee has demonstrated incompetence or untrustworthiness in the conduct of the licensee's business; (5) the licensee has been convicted of a felony, a misdemeanor specified in section 29-152f, or other crime affecting the licensee's honesty, integrity or moral fitness; or (6) the licensee is unsuitable.
Each professional bondsman licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall annually, during the month of January, on forms furnished by the Commissioner of Public Safety, report to said commissioner in detail the names of the persons for whom such bondsman has become surety during the year ended December thirty-first preceding, with the date, the amount of bond and the fee charged and paid and such further information as said commissioner requires.

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