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Improved treasury system is being measured in terms of the number of minutes per order of payment computed and prepared for simple transfer and estate taxes with extra judicial settlement, the number of financial transactions processed, and the number of official receipt prepared and issued by the department.

Tax compromise could be reached with the owners of resort business and the possibility is high with the intervention of the Local Legislative Council in the offering of satisfaction level of employees in their respective work situation determines their productivity level.
Real Estate Investment Clubs: You can join your local REI and find plenty of people to talk to that have the same interests in real estate as you do. This is a very easy way to meet people, network your services, and get involved with future real estate transactions.

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The Western Region crisis which developed from a personality conflict between Chief Awolowo, the leader of the Action Group and his deputy, Chief S.L. Akintola, the Premier Accounting of Western Region and split the Action Group completely, resulted in the suspension of the Western Region Government by the Federal Government under its emergency powers.

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