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Power Washing Houston TX

If you have concerns about black mold as a result of flooding or other water damage, there are some critical first steps you can take to mitigate the damages. However, if the moisture is from another source, such as a broken pipe or a roof leak, you must locate and control the source before you begin the clean up. If you have broken or leaking pipes, find the main supply valve to the house and close it. If possible, turn it off at the meter.
We use low-pressure and soft-washing techniques that won't damage your exterior surfaces, along with bio-degradable cleaners and specialized spraying nozzles that allow us to adjust the water pressure needed to clean all surfaces safely and thoroughly.

The owners of McDaddy's Pressure Washing & Carpet Cleaning are Navy Captain Herb Kuykendall & Ken McArdle Herb is a 30 Navy Vet and Captain who still does inspections on oil shipments at 80 years of age ? Ken McArdle the operating owner is a 53 year old Pearland Dad who lives in Autumn Lakes Subdivision (Silverlake - Pearland area right behind Home Depot) since 2008.
If you need some pressure washing done, these are your guys. Many homeowners attempt to clean the exterior of their home with soap and water, but this is not enough to remove stubborn stains. Give your home the top to bottom makeover it deserves with our safe roof cleaning and spot free window washing services.

The below article give you a little more information on what products to use, and what not to use to remove, or prevent mold from forming on your property after the flood waters. We at Kingwood Pressure Washing, LLC use a moldicide on your property every time we clean to act as mold prevention.
Clean and Green Solutions is a local Houston Texas Pressure Washing company. We specialize in removing mold and mildew from the exterior of your home. With our 2 pressure washers we can clean a 60-inch-wide area at one time. Pressure washing is a cleaning method that involves the use of pressurized water on your house exteriors to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, and other unwanted substances from the surface of your house siding, gutters, and soffits.
Kingwood Pressure Washing did an amazing job pressure washing my house and driveway. Whether your Houston-area home is one story or three, you'll appreciate driving up to an immaculate pressure washing near me property that has been cleaned thoroughly and efficiently. The Soft Wash process we use for roof cleaning in Houston is a service we provide without high pressure.

At times, a spot will appear to be even more visible after a general cleaning of the material. Power washing equipment generally have vents that expel water at an incredibly high pressure. The proper procedure is to kill the organisms down to the root level, which will allow your property to stay cleaner much longer than just pressure washing the top layer of the algae, mildew, and mold away.
Our affordable low-pressure house washing service will take care of all your cleaning needs with our eco-friendly technology. Josh did a fantastic job powerwashing our driveway and side walk. Call us to see what our exterior pressure washing services can do for your home.

Never again do you hire the kid down the street to perform exterior cleaning. We use state-of-the art pressure washing technologies and techniques. Although you may be tempted to attempt house washing on your own, your time is valuable and better spent on other activities.
We use a professional strength solutions that are designed for removing mildew with a power wash. Our professional team uses specialized equipment, detergents and ladders to speed up the overall process of house pressure washing. With DM Pressure Washing no job is done until you the customer is happy.
Here's a demo of our Driveway Cleaning Services in Houston, TX. The city of Houston enforces EPA regulations for the Clean Water Act. We offer exterior pressure washing year round no matter what type of material your home or roof is. Our crew is always careful to protect your landscaping.

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