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Tribunal hearings are held at a District Court or a hearing centre. If you own a property abroad that you rent long-term to a tenant who has breached the terms of the lease either through failing to pay the specified rent, within the specified timeframe, or by breach of some other term of the lease, you may be entitled to initiate legal proceedings to recover vacant possession of the property.
A remarkable exception, however, is the piece written by C. Matos Gomes for Nova História Militar de Portugal (New Military History of Portugal, 2004), entitled Quotidianos da Guerra Colonial” (Everyday Life of the Colonial War”), which traces the soldiers” complete path from inspection to their return - when applicable 27 Nonetheless, according to authors like A. Afonso and C. Gomes (2001), who published an encyclopaedic study about the conflict, the colonial war is still too recent an event in Portuguese history to be properly evaluated.

SPASS - Santos Pereira & Associados SP RL, is a law firm with its head office in Lisbon and a branch in Lisbon South Bay, and is formed by a working team based on consiglieri services, upholding values as trust and secrecy, in any entrusted matter or business.
14Although the student actions and the Armed Forces' dissatisfaction in the early 70s may, perhaps, be considered the most visible face of Portuguese society's opposition, the variety of combined actions and manifested views mentioned above had a notable impact on the public opinion about the continuation of the colonial war.

63 P. Mário interviewed by Ângela Campos in Vila do Conde, Portugal, July 2007. In this regard, an English-speaking lawyer can be a great help in liaising with the court and keeping you up-to-date with progress and information regarding the trial. Success can therefore require close collaboration between lawyers in both states.
N. Teixeira notes that in thirteen years of war the contingent of troops in the Portuguese Armed Forces increased about five and a half times. If you are from Advogados Seixal the UK, but living in a foreign country, it can at times be necessary - or simply very beneficial - to obtain a Certificate of Law from a UK solicitor.

Plus advice on currency exchange, lawyers, mortgages and the most professional companies that can help you buy your dream property. Like in Portugal, in the French case the general memory of the colonial war is not positive and is profoundly divisive. Use this search box to find the right lawyer or answers to your questions: Portugal.

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