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Independent distribution and label service provider Ditto Music has a new music publishing arm in the works and the firm is looking for Global Head of Publishing to launch the new division. Translated, whatever mythology our domestic feline companions come up with that explains to their satisfaction their worldview, it will bear little resemblance to actual human activities on behalf of the animal, like the concept of money to pay for the goods and services it receives.
Alongside the main prize, three additional awards will be presented at the ceremony: the Independent Music NZ Classic Record Award, the newly created Independent Spirit Award, awarded to a New Zealand person who assists our NZ musicians to grow and find their own unique pathways, and the Auckland Live Best Independent Debut Award, celebrating the freshest talent of Aotearoa.

Now, 10 years after I set my business up and got tarred by the whole industry — making jokes of how it wouldn't work — the majors are serving the exact same thing now, because they want to get artists early on and they know indie distributors are the first port of call for people not signed to deals.
If the Big Bang event scenario is correct, even in the broadest context, then immediately post Big bang, and probably for quite some time thereafter, the cosmos was not even close to being a Goldilocks Universe and thus the cosmos was devoid of life and devoid of consciousness.

With the help of Ditto Music , it is now possible to start your very own record label. London-based Ditto says the app will enable multiple split royalty payments for the lifetime of a sound recording and allow it to accurately track plays of every piece of music registered on the system.
We feature our artists' music on playlists, and secure inclusion on other popular playlists across the biggest streaming platforms, to increase your streams & royalties, and help you get discovered. Overall, I say do well by the artists and you'll do well by the services.

Since we established Ditto Music all those years ago, we've helped over 150,000 independent musicians kick-start their careers, promote their music and sell their tracks, including massive artists like Ed Sheeran, Royal Blood and Stormzy. The platform also allows artists to keep 100% of their commissions from their music.

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