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Compare Top Business Attorneys In Leawood, Kansas

Kansas City's Legal Resource for Estate Planning, Probate, and Small Business Advising. Having dealt with a variety of legal issues, often involving litigation which could have been prevented with more time and attention given to advanced planning and building of win-win relationships, we decided to develop a firm acutely focused on fostering clients' overall legal and financial viability.
Using experience gained while representing larger corporations, Don is able to stand up for the little guy — negotiating deals from the perspective of a small-business plaintiff who otherwise would lack leverage against large and well-established firms.

Whether legal issues are related to disputes with taxing authorities, business or personal issues, we do not underestimate the financial and emotional stress associated with dealing with legal matters and we take a business-like approach to laying out a plan to resolve the challenges.
We also provide personalized estate planning solutions to keep you secure in the years to come, as well as quality legal services Business Attorney In Leawood in other legal areas such as real estate, bankruptcy and business, as well as in municipal, criminal and juvenile court cases.

With 19 years of legal experience and extensive trial experience with family law and criminal law that includes arguments before the Kansas Appellate Court and the Kansas Supreme Court, Mr. Hoffman has no reluctance in taking a case to trial if he feels it is the best method to protect a client's rights and interests.
We handle a wide variety of family law matters, but with our significant knowledge and expertise we are comfortable handling complex high-asset divorces and work with business and financial professionals to help our clients resolve their matters fairly, reasonably and effectively.

Burke McClasky Stevens is a Kansas law firm that offers a client-centered approach to handling the legal needs of the people that the firm represents. The Business Law Group is a focused firm like this. Only 5% of attorneys in Missouri and Kansas receive this distinction.
Please be aware that neither visiting this website nor exchanging an email with any of the attorneys at our law firm will create an attorney-client relationship. Selecting a lawyer can be a difficult and confusing task, however, our commitment to personal service, prompt client communication, and thorough representation has allowed us to develop client relationships that will continue for many years.
Real-world corporate and managerial experience gives attorney Don A. Peterson strategic insight into business and management decisions. FindLaw's Lawyer Directory is the largest online directory of attorneys. At the law office of Daniel Dorsch, we specialize in providing the soundest legal counsel in all types of Estate Planning services including Wills, Living Trusts, Durable Power of Attorney, and more.

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