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What Are Udimi Solo Ads

One of the things that many people like about Udimi is that it's very easy to get data on the performance of the sellers and that makes buying choices quite easy. Not only that, when you have joined just let me know by contacting me here or message me directly on Udimi and I will provide you with the details of 3 solo ad vendors on Udimi I have had good results with so you can get off to a flying start as a buyer of targeted solo ad traffic.
But, on my website visit popup, which gives you 10 free ebooks , an additional 16 people have signed up. I can attribute 16 visitors wanting a free ebook and 2 users who watched the free training webinar These are all directly related to my Udimi solo ad.

There are many things that make Udimi one of the most fool-proof solo ad platforms around, namely their technically advanced internal operations that provide cutting-edge monitoring AND superior tracking; they've been around for a while, so it's a safe bet to say that they have dealt with many shady situations, and have all the mechanism in place to protect you from junk and fake traffic.
Hi Kym, thanks for your comment (and compliment!) Udimi, or any other paid traffic services are best used to generate leads (i.e. collect subscribers), so that you can introduce yourself with them first and hopefully promote your products (or affiliate products) more than once in your emails.
Disclaimer: I do not want to claim that only these folks can deliver quality clicks because there are 100s of them who do the same Udimi like these advertisers but I have personally used some of them listed below, and some are based on users rating and their reviews.

There are many ways legit sellers used to protect their buyers, often they will use a 3rd party service such as ClickMagick or Quality Click Control (QCC), and if they go out of their way to be transparent they will often times issue a traffic report to their customers (consider it as a sort of audit” on the traffic they have sent to you.
In fact they got more than one sale from that solo alone, which means they offset the cost of the solo with the sales from it and they added new subscribers to their list at the same time. I get solo ads related questions all the time, and the problem is that everyone is looking for a simple solution because the idea of the solo ads seems very simple, but I can assure you that the truth is opposite.

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