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Best Tampa, FL Criminal Defense Attorneys

A criminal record typically consists of the arrest record maintained by the local county Sheriff's office, and the court record of the formal charges by the State maintained by the local county Clerk of the Court. Even if you have not been arrested yet, but police is still doing their initial investigation, a good Tampa criminal defense lawyer can help you protect your rights, may be able to avoid a future arrest altogether, or at least negotiate a turn in time for you and help arrange for your speedy release from jail if an arrest is necessary.
Additionally, anyone who is convicted of soliciting prostitution or other crimes under the Florida Statute 796.07, will be required to be screened for STD's, including HIV, and if found infected, must submit to treatment according to Florida Statute 796.08.

This sentencing analysis will explain all of the penalties associated with state crimes, the United States Sentencing Guidelines and the Statutory Mandatory Minimums that may come into play if you are found guilty at trial or if you plead guilty and forego a trial.
In particular, attorney Frey is nationally known for his ability to defend clients against Internet and computer crimes He had his first internet case in 2002 and since then, attorneys across the country have turned to him for answers on this area of the law.

When you face a criminal prosecution, the criminal defense attorney Tampa FL will help you to understand the nature of charges filed against you, possible defenses, the plea bargains you may be offered and what should you expect after the trial or conviction.
With the above in mind, it is important to understand the process involved in expunging a criminal record in Florida, and to consider retaining a criminal defense attorney to ensure that the process is completed correctly to make certain that your criminal record is properly expunged.
Whether someone misunderstands the severity of the federal crime that they've allegedly committed or they are simply unaware of potential consequences Criminal Attorney Tampa that they may face, federal crimes can carry significantly more weight than other similar crimes that occur at a state level.

Conveniently located in Westchase, BJE Law is available to serve clients in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Brandon, Clearwater, Valrico, Lutz, Land-Lakes, Temple Terrace, Riverview, Bradenton, Sarasota, Lakeland, as well as, clients in Orlando and the central Florida area.

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