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I completed my University education in Medicine at Bologna University. The League, strongly supported by the High Commissariat for Hygiene and Public Health, with circular n. 110 of 14 November 1955 signed by its director, Tiziano Tessitori, fostered collaboration with existing institutions in the field of care for sick people, with particular attention to their reintegration into the workplace and society at large.
In 1959 Augusto Giovanardi, director of the Institute of Hygiene in Milan, published the preliminary results of the experimentation in Italy of the Sabin attenuated vaccine 39 The results seemed to be extremely positive and the medical community was convinced of the need to start a mass vaccination campaign using OPV.

Immediately after its creation, the World Health Organization established a commission of experts on polio, which played a fundamental role in coordinating the activities at national Badante and international levels, spreading the new discoveries and techniques, and increasing knowledge of the disease, its epidemiology, the therapeutic and the post-disease treatments.
The patients ranged in age from 14 months to 14 years, and provision was made for the suitable education and professional training of the older children 34 The Centre rapidly became a national training institution for the "orthopaedic technicians" and "rehabilitation therapists".

This chapter describes the evolution of the minimum income protection system in Italy and Spain from their origins until the present days, carefully retracing the main policy interventions as well as the preferences of the main social and political actors in this field.
Associate Professor at the faculty of Medicine and Psicology of the University Sapienza” in Rome, Editor of Rivista di Psicologia Clinica (Journal of Clinical Psychology) and of Quaderni della Rivista di Psicologia Clinica (Cahiers of the Journal of Clinical Psychology ), Member of the Scientific and Teaching board of the Specializing Course in Psychoanalytic Psychoterapy - Psychological Clinical Intervention and Analysis of Demand.
Most of foreign women were resident in the LHUs of the North and of the Center (40.6% and 47.5%, respectively), according to the geographic distribution of the all foreigners in Italy 21. The Italians were mostly resident in the LHUs of the South because of the location of the sample of LHUs involved (data not shown in tables).

It is always advisable to seek the advice of an Italian succession lawyer with specialist knowledge of cross-border legislation when making an Italian will as there are numerous aspects to cover, including tax and financial matters, which will vary between countries.

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