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Cooking Team Building Singapore

At Kitchen Showdown, we focus on culinary team building and cooking classes. Blending together the concept of The Power of Play” with culinary challenges to bring people together, we harness the spirit of team building and collectiveness through our array of programmes that are not just limited to cooking but also and array of engaging, memorable and fun activities.
Thanks Kitchen Showdown for the wonderful Culinary Challenge. Coriander Leaf is a well known Pan-Asian restaurant in Singapore that holds cooking demonstrations cooking team bonding singapore dedicated to Asian cuisine. Cookyn Inc is all about Making Food Fun by fostering interactions amongst people, be it in a social group or a corporate department.

Being invited by APB Singapore to host one of their team building session, we were tasked to create a fun and exciting bonding event for their staff, while concurrently incorporating some elements of learning and objectives without being too educational”.
They have the Fear Factor” where you deal with live ingredients, Top Chef” where a chef shows you a finished dish and your team needs to recreate it, and also Epicurious” where you get to learn a standard 3-course meal using an extra odd” ingredient.

Upping the ante on the fun factor, this is one cooking challenge unlike any you've experienced before. I recommend you for this as team building activity in Singapore. If so, it will be great to find activities that directly address the current need or challenge facing the team.
You are in good hands when planning a corporate team bonding event with Cookyn Inc. Besides teaching participants how to make desserts such as puff pastries and choux pastries, their Japanese and Asian culinary classes are also popular with beginners. As a team manager, with an allocated budget, you are presented with choices of many different varieties of corporate team building activities, vendors, consultants.
The perfect gastronomical, culinary event learning the arts of traditional cooking in a cultural Thai setting. If you're planning for a family bonding or team building venture, this might be the place that offers the best cooking classes in Singapore. ToTT's cooking studios are equipped to host hands on cooking events for groups as small as 10 people to as large as 90 people.

Creative Culinaire offers a wide variety of cooking styles to help students discover the joy of being in the kitchen and expand their repertoire of dishes. I'm glad we chose ” the Pizza Perfecto Challenge” with you for our team building, and again I appreciate you and all of your effort.
Each member will take roles such as The Chef and The Cook per dish and swap roles for a thorough experience. This one-of-a-kind cooking class takes place on the 68-foot luxury catamaran EagleWings”. Allspice Institute features not only cooking and baking but also programs on hospitality, teambuilding and shipyard safety which are vital in preparing their students for the professional world of global cuisine & hospitality.

Sampling Thai street food is a popular activity for many tourists, as it offers a taste of Thai cooking traditions at extremely low costs compared to many 5 star Thai hotel restaurants. If you are looking for something productive to do with your team, then you should try the cooking team building offered by D'Open Kitchen in Singapore.
This challenge is specifically designed to incorporate team building elements in a very exciting way. Our Cultural Cooking Classes are designed to help you appreciate Singapore's colourful food heritage and culture through a hands-on cooking class where you learn how to cook up authentic local favourites.

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