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Berlin Walking Tours

Berlin on Bike began with a simple observation: Germany's capital is too big for two feet. With close to 400 trips in almost 50 countries, including the largest range of bike & boat holidays in Fahrradtour Berlin Europe, we're confident that we can organise an Alps walk, Camino de Santiago or Via Francigena experience, Food Lovers' trip or a tour in a lesser-known pocket of Europe that you will love.
With 3 October marking the 25th anniversary of German reunification, I'd arranged to meet Sascha Möllering who offers cycling tours of the wall through Berlin On Bikes Although his regular 15km tours take in the main central Berlin sights over 3.5 hours, I'd organised a private 56km tour, which allowed us to go further along the trail and see some of the rural portions of the route.

There were several occasions too when we had to stop and start our bikes, in order to cross traffic lights and so on, which was a bit disruptive to my cycling rhythm, but I suppose that this can't be helped, as cyclists also need to obey the traffic rules.
Along the Oder-Havel-channel, not far from the Havel river, your route will take you to the small rural town of Liebenwalde, past the Langer Trödel (area of stagnant water, no longer navigable today) to the watergate of Zerpenschleuse, past the Finow-channel to Marienwerder and finally to the Werbellinsee.

It was quite easy to ride our bikes around Berlin and they were quite responsive, though I would admit that I needed to take some time to get used to my bike, because I am more accustomed to my road bike rather than a lifestyle bike - which had been what we were using for the tour.
Visit Poland for a day and night as you explore the sunny island of Usedom, swim in the Baltic Sea, and cruise along the stunning Peene River - often referred to as the Amazon of the North.” Prepare to be awed and inspired by the history and culture of this European gem in ways you've never seen before.
Potts says no. First of all, because cycling saves money - according to estimates from Denmark building roads costs six times what it takes to construct cycle paths. I feel our guide could have been a little more organised with our daily route but I also have to remember that the biking from Berlin to Malchin is a route that has not been done very often.

It was a 6-hour tour covering 20km and took us to some of Berlin's main sights and a few attractions many tourists will never know about. Though neither Germany nor the Czech Republic requires adults to wear bicycle helmets, the Czech Republic does require minors to wear helmets.

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