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Trash Chute Parts

Trash & Linen Chutes from Kasl Enterprises. The Century Chute "Pneumatic Door Chute System - Features and Functions" training video, provides an overview of trash chute operations, describes the intake door user interface and recommends waste disposal guidelines to keep your chute system operating smoothly.
Doors: Fabricated with type 304 stainless steel with hydraulic cylinder and rubber baffle for quiet closing. Oddly, it was just more than a year ago that a teenager with Down trash chute spring syndrome and autism fell to his death down a trash chute in the same building. Delivers smooth no bounce door closing action for chute intake doors (both trash and linen).

We are U.L. approved to manufacture our style of intake door and all doors will come with a U.L. label and Union local 265 label. Replacement Parts - T-Handles; Thumb Latch Assemblies; Latch Bolts; Hydraulic & Gas-Shock Closers, Discharge Doors, Fusible Links and Springs.
We Have The Best Quality Handles And Latches For Both Your Garbage And Linen Chute Doors. Widely used on Trash, Rubbish, or Linen Chute Doors. Fire safety experts said fatalities involving trash chutes are rare. Unless otherwise indicated, emboss doors with "LINEN" and "Please close door after use".

When opening the access door, the equipment located inside consists of the motor unit, solenoid valve, brush, disinfecting and sanitizing unit, designed to give manual or automatic brushing of the internal surface of chute. UL-rated, self-closing, self-latching stainless steel trash & Linen chute doors.
Tandem door closers, as per the photo from Eric and Tom…NYC MTA requires this closer application on their tunnel track doors, due to the wind pressure of the passing trains. Laundry Chutes for hotels and hospitals. Heavy duty steel chutes may also be used when the debris being deposited is heavy duty and in cases of particularly high buildings.
In accordance with NFPA 82, CARE supplies sprinklers, for installation by a plumber, above the top intake and at every alternate floor above the discharge. Suitable for in-wall, Trash Chute and Linen Chute Applications. Established in 1998 Century Chute has grown into one of the largest linen and garbage chute manufacturers with distributors throughout the United States.

Broken or Missing Discharge Doors: All trash chutes are required to have a functioning Discharge Door”. The device that is charged with stopping the door from slamming shut is, I believe, a hydraulic door closer which is supposed to force the door to close slowly.

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