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Antalya Halı Mağazaları

From above, they may look like Dutch tulip fields. Other areas of Turkey known for beautiful carpets include Canakkale, Aycalik, Bergama, and Milas on the Aegean coast while further inland; buyers should look at carpets from Denizli or Konya, of which the ancient traveller Marc Polo complemented the latter.
Given the number of people who pass through on an annual basis, it should be no surprise that there are many shops and stores to satisfy visitors' shopping needs. You can find fast-food, Turkish cuisine and fine dining restaurants inside, in the relatively less crowded environment than the other shopping malls of Antalya.

We are not talking about your mass produced machine carpets or rugs here. Sometimes sellers can be too friendly, talking much and distract Antalya Halıcı you while shopping. Carpets and rugs, plain-woven mats; wood, metal and ceramics, the best Turkish handicrafts are available here.
When shopping, these types of carpets can still be found is in the country town of Dosemealti, which is not far from Antalya. Located on the Havaalani Karsisi and on the eastern side of Antalya, just a short taxi ride from the airport, the Deepo shopping complex offers the chance to purchase designer labels at discounted prices.

Internationally renowned Turkish carpets and rugs, symbolizing power, wealth, love and family unity with the motifs of the weaver, are brought to Döşemealtı from various regions of the country. Nothing wrong with that except that they will swear that their Chinese carpets are actually made of silk and Turkish.
The salesman proceeded to put on a show for me, and all the carpets and rugs came rolling out one by one. So you will pay a good price for a genuine silk on silk Turkish carpet but much too much for a fake silk (rayon) Chines carpet. I have been too long already, so for carpets, my advice is to buy them home, in a proper carpet shop.

Although silk carpets tend to be smoothest, it is quite difficult to recognize silk-cotton blends with a single touch. I agree that the prices are 100% of the time inflated, this is I recommended bartering to all my readers. These carpets are some of the most expensive in Turkey.
Antalya is splendid city by the sea, called the pearl” of the Turkish coasts. Caller has brought a number of high value silk rugs from Turkey into th UK (or, presumably, USA or whichever country you live in). He has shops throughout Turkey and he and his family have been in the business since 1949.

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