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Personal Injury Attorneys In Alpharetta, Georgia

In few areas of law is the importance of a competent attorney more underestimated than the personal injury context. Our firm handles a wide variety of cases for personal injury victims, including auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, boat accidents, traumatic brain injury, catastrophic injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice, slip and fall, and premises liability.
Founding lawyer Julie Rice holds a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law, Minnesota and has over two decades of experience in helping victims of medical malpractice and long term disabilities get maximum financial compensation for their suffering.

If you have been injured in an auto, truck, motorcycle, ATV, boat or other type of accident and believe it is the fault of someone else (including a company, corporation, person, or their property or pet) then you are likely to have a personal injury case.
These types of car crashes are a common occurrence in the metro Atlanta area and in suburbs such as Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Roswell, Atlanta, and Marietta, making it one of the top reasons for car wrecks, and reasons why vehicles will need to be repaired by a local Alpharetta or Johns Creek Body Shop for Property Damage.

Injuries stemming from unsafe products are on the rise as companies pursue profits - often accounting for lawsuits resulting from defective manufacture and Personal Injury Lawyer Alpharetta design as just another cost of doing business.” Alpharetta product liability lawyers protect innocent victims who have been harmed by dangerous products.
Though every case varies, compensation may be awarded for things including all medical related expenses (including chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and prescription medication), lost wages (including overtime and potential future wages), pain and suffering, physical and emotional distress, property damage, and expenses that affect your day to day life.

In addition to being a professional representation for you and your case, your personal injury lawyer will be able to enforce your rights to make sure they are protected and update you on the legalities of your case when needed, so that you are better prepared and fully understand your case along the way.
Because a wrongful death action can be based on either the intentional or unintentional acts of another, and can be based either upon actions or a failure to take action in certain circumstances, a consultation with an attorney to explore the possibility of a wrongful death claim may be appropriate whether the loved one died as a result of a crime, car accident, slip and fall, workplace mishap, medical procedure, or any number of other situations.

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