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YouTube Video Ideas

If you're new to Roblox Studio or scripting in general, we understand that it may seem like a daunting task creating your first game. Wen-Jie, a top DIY YouTuber known by her channel name Wengie , maintains 9.2 million subscribers and has launched her own app Another big name in the YouTube DIY community, Lauren Riihimaki of LaurDIY , has partnered with top brands such as Target and Fanta.
Not only are these videos short and sweet, but they're also task-oriented, allowing us to build a comprehensive program around implementing specific features in your game, like a door or a car; how to use certain tools, like Erode and Scale; building different types of terrain, like a beach or a hill; scripting guidance; and much, much more.

What you'll be doing is to browse the internet, find some cool apps, make a list of helpful ones, and create a video about it. You aren't limited to a specific category or audience as you can create videos in health & fitness, travel, business, marketing, etc.
We love the channel- MangoTango Minecraft Roleplay and Roblox () Mango creates a mini-movie with Minecraft (e.g. Yandere Middle School, FNAF word, Charlie Brown Adventures, Who's Your Mommy, Who's your daddy, Baby flu and baby Pokémon Go (). Mango never speaks F word and he always inspires kids to do well in school and to create our own videos (be creative and kind).

Logan's choice to vlog a suicide victim in Japan's Aokigahara forest was met with immediate backlash and eventual consequences (Logan has since been removed from YouTube's Google Preferred ad program, and his YouTube Red projects have been shelved) Jake has seen his fair share of controversy as well, from using racial slurs to questionable images uploaded as YouTube thumbnails , as well as the aforementioned neighborhood drama.
There are tutorials (for ideas on new things to create), "Let's Play" videos (footage of people playing the game), challenges (new gameplay ideas to try), mod showcases (which show off cool thing kids can download to modify their Minecraft worlds), and more.
Everyone has got that one friend that they once had but no longer talk to. If you want to get real with your viewers, a great vlog channel idea is talking VR_Shana about that long lost friend. Since joining the video sharing platform in July 2015, his videos have been viewed a total of 151,594,926 times.

It gives you the ability to cross-promote and create double-ups of subscribers across your channels. YouTubers not defined by a specific niche often fall into the lifestyle category. Entertain your viewers with this easy Youtube video idea by telling them the story of how you first met.
Although her show isn't making new episodes, she continues to be popular on YouTube, where she has more than 8 million subscribers. In the weeks since Edfluence's launch, YouTube has been filled with creators speculating on whether or not it's all one big scam It's like a fricken pyramid, ponzi-scheme piece of shit,” says Taylor A, who posted a video of his experience.

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