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Medical Alert

With MedicAlert, first responders and health professionals have access to your vital information in times of need. While the wandering statistics for Alzheimer's disease and autism are staggering (6 in 10 adults with Alzheimer's or related dementia will wander, and 50% of individuals with autism spectrum disorders will elope); MedicAlert has been hailed as an important part of the overall safety plan for families with a loved one at-risk of wandering.
The medic alert that sends an alert anytime you cannot respond. Swipe to say you're OK or family will come help you. Be free, but never feel alone. The vital extra layer of safety! Bottom Line: The LifeFone At Home Landline is a user-friendly medical alert system that offers a handful of useful services and delivers Medic Alert loud two-way hands-free communications with the response center, but its portable help button showed limited range in our tests.

Her parents later designed a silver identification bracelet, which bore not only a listing of her allergy but also the emblem of the medical profession - two serpents wrapped around a staff - and the words "Medic Alert." The Collins family founded the Medic Alert Foundation in 1956 to provide emergency access to the medical records of people with potentially life-threatening conditions.
If you are the caretaker of a person who is a Dementia or Alzheimer's patient, or has a cognitive impairment that prevents consistent use of BrickHouse Alert, WanderAlert provides an extra layer of safety and security that can be added to any BrickHouse Alert service plan for only $5 per month.

The MedicAlert® repository of information can connect to, and provide, critical medical information between patients, providers and first responders 24 hours a day anywhere in South Africa. Life Alert was founded in 1987 and is considered by many to be a leader in the medical alert system industry.
MedicAlert Foundation is one of the world's largest nonprofit membership organizations with one mission since 1956 - to protect and save lives. It may be good to let children help select a child medical alert bracelet to ensure that he or she likes it enough to keep it on when you're not around - when it's needed most.
Membership provides the child with a personal electronic record to securely store their information including comprehensive medical history, directives or precautions to ensure no time is lost in an emergency. Monthly cost for in-home landline service: No in-home-only service.

No other emergency medical information service is as universally known and trusted as MedicAlert, and no other organization matches its effectiveness. Free medic alert bracelets for those with diabetes are hard to find, but some organizations do offer them as product samples.
When the couple's daughter, Linda, experienced a life-threatening allergic reaction to tetanus antitoxin, they realized that Linda had to wear an alert message on her body at all times to prevent receiving a tetanus shot ever again. Medical conditions such as Alzheimer's , dementia , allergies , autism , blood disorders, epilepsy, heart disease or diabetes can touch anyone, but your MedicAlert ID and membership will give you the peace of mind to enjoy life.

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