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Commercial Cleaning New South Wales

The NSW Government Facilities Management (Cleaning) contract provides cleaning services to over 4,200 government sites across NSW, including schools, TAFE colleges, courthouses, and police and fire stations. Working side-by-side with our commercial clients to find a custom tailored solution that fits their needs, their budget, and their schedule perfectly, we are able to guarantee our cleaning services and your satisfaction in a way that many of the other office cleaning operations out there cannot.
Training is the key element to raising the standards and professionalising the industry and has been embraced by it. Past governments have endorsed training and funded the development of national competency standards by the Construction and Property Services Industry Skills Council, from basic cleaning levels to a Diploma in Management, delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTOs).

We ensure that all areas are cleaned such as: venue entry areas, venue reception and office area, café and merchandise areas, corridors, walkways, stairs, gymnasium areas, arobic rooms, public seating areas and grandstand, staff amenity, first aid rooms, all toilets and change room areas, Aquatic areas, sauna, spa areas.
In 2010, the Government introduced the modern award system, which has transitioned over a four-year period to achieve an award containing common wages and conditions nationally for the cleaning industry as well as all other sectors operating under the award system.
The scope of the collection was all businesses mainly engaged in providing window, building, telephone cleaning or similar cleaning services (except carpet cleaning or shampooing Commercial cleaning services, steam cleaning, or sand blasting of building exteriors), as defined by Class 7866 of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification (ANZSIC).

According to IBISWorld, 27,500 businesses are using commercial cleaning services in Australia, with New South Wales and Victoria businesses accounting for 61.1% of total market revenue. A company that has an admirable record of providing high-quality cleaning services in Sydney to Corporate, Commercial and Heavy Industrial sectors for over twenty years.
Barbara Connolly of the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia offers a fresh overview of where the industry is today. The commercial cleaning business can be lucrative, flexible, and built quickly, making it a great home business choice. House Cleaning Sydney strive to continue an ongoing customer satisfaction to uphold the reputation for our business.
By providing such a diversified group of professional staff and cleaning services, we consider ourselves market leaders. When your property is affected by flooding, it's critical to have access to prompt and professional cleaners to minimise the long-term damage to your home and it's belongings.

Everything I expect a professional cleaning service to be. Academy has the capacity to deliver comprehensive cleaning and property management services to both metropolitan and regional New South Wales. Check out the Dove website for special rates on office and commercial cleaning.

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