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Dementia Explained

Dementia is a decline in memory and other mental abilities. Patients show a decline in cognitive abilities, the inability to recall even recent events, failure to identify family members, confusion about where they are and the time period they are in, inability to do simple tasks for themselves, such as eating, bathing, or grooming, a higher level of irritability, anxiety, frustration, agitation, and may experience visual or auditory hallucinations.
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved any drugs specifically to treat symptoms of vascular dementia, but there is some clinical trial evidence that certain drugs approved to treat Alzheimer's may also offer a modest benefit in people diagnosed with vascular dementia.

Understanding, assessing, and mitigating the challenging behavior of residents with dementia requires: extensive knowledge of the causes and types of dementia and the challenging behaviors associated with it, resident communication and activities to redirect, and management's role in the complex care of residents with dementia.
51 Vascular dementia also occurs, but this in turn may be due to underlying conditions (including antiphospholipid syndrome , CADASIL , MELAS , homocystinuria , moyamoya , and Binswanger's disease ). People who receive frequent head trauma, such as boxers or football players, are at risk of chronic traumatic encephalopathy 52 (also called dementia pugilistica in boxers).
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Scientists have been puzzled by patients with signs of 치매 원인 , but whose brains don't show the aberrant proteins that are typical biomarkers of Alzheimer's disease Now researchers say they have an explanation: a newly defined neurodegenerative disease whose symptoms are similar to Alzheimer's but is caused by a different misbehaving protein.

Rather than assuming a change, or any worsening,” is being caused by the natural” deterioration of the dementia, caregivers must be aware that any sudden change in cognition, function and behaviour is a clue that something medical might be happening.
Differential diagnosis of EOD is complicated by the fact that symptoms may be more variable in younger patients than in the elderly, due to different etiologies (McMurtray, Clark, Christine, & Mendez, 2006; Fadil et al., 2009), lack of awareness about the condition—even among health care professionals (Jefferies & Agrawal, 2009), and misdiagnosis (van Vliet et al., 2011).
Incontinence Products - although the two aren't always related, one side effect of dementia can be incontinence - in order to ease the embarrassment of this as a condition, incontinence products are available which allow the patient to carry on with life as normal as possible, in a dignified manner.

Without a biomarker, it will not be possible to screen patients to make sure that only those with true Alzheimer's are entered into clinical trials to test new therapies for the disease, said Dr. Julia Kofler, an associate professor of pathology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.
The same type of stigmatization has occurred with dementia as our society ages and more Americans experience severe cognitive decline We want to be supportive of these unfortunate folks — many of whom are our neighbors, colleagues and acquaintances — but are fearful we may one day suffer their scourge.

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