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Six Figure Mentors

In getting your information product to the public without having to spend a lot of money, the Internet is your answer. I already mentioned the introductory lesson is basically worthless and I think it should be the free portion, but paying $30 for it isn't worth it. The basic membership gives you access to a lot more information, but an upfront fee of $250 and a monthly fee of $97 is way to expensive for what you're getting.
Having what appears to be one on one help should make you feel special but like most program reviews that I do on programs that offer coaches these so called coaches are more like sales people who constantly push up sells on you which is the case with the Six Figure Mentor offer.

The biggest change they recently had is that they opened up a free affiliate program… You won't earn too much from this free affiliate program, but nonetheless, it's a free affiliate program which many have complained about not having one before and making people pay to join their affiliate program.
There's a lot more available to you in the platform than the Student level membership, particularly in terms of training including live recordings, digital business system modules, additional curriculum, training library, webinars and a private Facebook group.

5. To bring traffic, you have 5 proven options: 1. Write content for your website and get it ranked on Google ( it takes times, most probably 3-6 months), 2. Buy traffic (PPC) (you need to spend money again), 3. Build your list (email marketing) (requires time, most probably months…), 4. Social media (requires time and hard work), 5. Video marketing (YouTube) (requires months and hard work).
Consultants in the Six Figure Mentor program are passed off as your personal trainer” and what they say should be followed if you hope to find success online which is why I find it a little disturbing that they would take your trust and use this opportunity to pitch up sells which you really don't need in my opinion.
What doesn't help is that there are now a few guys out there on Youtube who are touting their lifestyles of freedom” as a way to entice people in…but after engaging with them for a few weeks, you eventually learn that the only way they were able to build the kind of incomes they have is because they ponied up that $14,800 for a Black” membership which allows them to earn 50% commission when they sell those same products.

We started losing patience and felt a lot of frustration because it was just video after video of Sturat Ross (co-founder of SFM) going on and on about his stories, his struggles, his personal life, but NEVER taught us anything about real business, the REAL reason we signed up for.
Wealthy Affiliate would prefer you to create a website that promotes their affiliate program as this will ultimately get them more members BUT you certainly do not have to and they also have lots of training material on methods other than promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

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