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Indianapolis Personal Injury Attorney

Premise Liability law is a set of ordinances that hold property owners liable and responsible for any harm or damages caused to people who are on the premises. It may be a good idea to jot down a summary or make an audio recording on your phone of how the accident Estate Planning Attorney Indianapolis happened while it is still fresh in your mind and so that you can pass the details on to your car accident attorney in Indianapolis, IN. After the state of shock has worn off hours later, you may accidentally forget to include key details in your insurance claim.
Having an experienced, reliable family law attorney representing your best interests during divorce cases, probate court, custody issues, and other important legal matters can make all the difference - not only in the outcome of your case, but in your experience for its duration.

Economic damages include hospital bills (i.e. hospitalization, ambulance transport, anesthesia, emergency room services, surgeries, doctor care, x-rays, MRI's, etc.), medical expenses (i.e. physical therapy, medical equipment, medication, etc.) lost wages from time off work, property damages, lost benefits from spouses death (i.e. insurance, veterans benefits, etc.), in-home nurse, and anything else that was a direct financial loss to the victim or their family.
With over 25 years of experience representing victims throughout Indiana, Attorney Steven E. Willsey understands how devastating an accident can be. Our team of legal professionals is dedicated to handling car accident and other personal injury matters on behalf of victims and their families.

When a contractor or property owner does not provide the legally required safe working environment in a construction project and an employee is injured because of that failure, a personal injury action may be brought against the negligent third-party owner, contractor or employer.
In Indiana, most personal injury claims are governed by the law of negligence.” As a general rule, this law states that if someone else makes a mistake that causes you physical harm, that person (or, typically, his or her insurance company) is liable for all of your physical, financial, and emotional losses flowing from the accident.

Just a few of the types of incidents that an Indianapolis personal injury lawyer might be able to help you build a case for are slips and falls, workplace accidents, burns due to fire or explosion, automobile or other traffic accidents, medical malpractice, construction accidents and more.
Some clients ask the question, Why should my insurance company have to pay anything if the accident was not my fault?” The answer is because you hired them to pay UM or UIM coverage in the event that the guilty party did not have sufficient covered limits.

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