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Vietnam Food 2019

Shopping in Ho Chi Minh City is like eating a great dinner: you want to do it, you look forward to doing it and, to some extent, you really must do it. Tourists come from all over the world to experience Saigon's chaotic Ben Thanh Market and Saigon Square, to get lost in countless glistening tables of gold and gems, and for the very best of bargaining. Of the total number of the households who consumed safe vegetables, 69.1% had at least one child compared to 96.5% of the households who did not have children younger than 18 years, have not consumed safe vegetables ( Table 6 ). This suggests that those households with children are more interested in food safety than those without children and it is general agreement studies by Polacheck and Palacheck (1989), Jussaume and Judson (1992), who observed greater awareness of food safety hazards and increased concern about the risks associated with food consumption once people became parents.
Nonetheless, locals may still remain skeptical unless rental rates and shopping can be kept affordable; it is unavoidable that any ‘night market' or ‘fashion bazaar' pop-up in Vietnam would quickly be disregarded when compared with highly successful fashion and food bazaars found in downtown Bangkok—potentially leading locals into yet another self-induced bout of inferiority complex.

Focusing on organic baby food products and formula, Bellamy's Organic is trusted by consumers because its products are manufactured and packaged in Australia, which means that they meet the strict requirements of the food safety that is higher than anywhere else in the world.
An article in April 2018 by the Financial Times stated that the Vietnamese are one of the largest sources of digital consumers, commanding a solid 35 percent of the total online population, compared to 24 percent in Thailand and a measly 3.2 percent in Singapore.
Ines Quoico, owner of The Organik Shop and Organik Da Lat Farm, previously told City Pass Guide that not only are there no certifications issued for organic farms in Vietnam, but the ordeal of getting certified through the European Union, a similar US food safety body or another certifying organisation involves finding land that is not infected with dioxin, then flying in auditors to test the soil, the water, the fertilisers, and to perform countless other trials.

Mr. Sam Ho, Managing Director of Natural Food Group, said that several studies of Vietnamese consumer behavior showed that the demand for nước p tri cy organic products has increased tremendously, so the company decided to import and distribute organic products for the Vietnamese market.
In terms of food production and the organisation of agriculture, the Vietnamese government shares the paradigm of the Green Revolution that growing populations can only be fed through agricultural intensification (Fortier and Tran Thi Thu Trang 2013 , 88).

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