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Jobs For Felons That Offer A Good Second Chance

We understand how frustrating it is to find a job and want you to know that every month we have thousands of people just like you visiting our website looking for work with a felony on their record. For that reason, don't expect your interviews at day cares or child care centers to go well, particularly when the topic of your background or record comes up. An employer has little incentive to hire you, and for that reason, will probably move on to the next candidate.
According to the study, more than 80% of managers and two-thirds of HR professionals feel that workers with criminal records bring just as much (or greater) value to an organization as workers without Jobs For Ex-offenders records; furthermore, a majority of all workers said they would be willing to work with people who have criminal records (30% to 40% of respondents said they were neither willing nor unwilling).

The new guidance didn't change the core idea—that blanket hiring bans based on criminal records have a disproportionate impact on black and Latino workers and thus violate the Civil Rights Act; instead, it offered employers updated details on how to stay on the right side of the law.
Although it doesn't explicitly state its official policy on its website or any of its press releases, Tyson Foods - a large-scale food processor and manufacturer - is a signatory of the Fair Chance Pledge, while there is significant anecdotal evidence that suggests felons can work at the company.
In 2001, Ms. Pager sent pairs of black men and white men to apply for low-wage jobs at 350 businesses in the Milwaukee area She picked sets of men who looked alike and were comparably well spoken and she gave them similar résumés — education, employment history — except that one member of each pair was told to claim that he had served 18 months in prison for a felony drug conviction.

And that applies because criminal background checks have such a big disproportionate impact on people of color that they implicate Title VII, and the EEOC has issued major guidance clarifying for employers what the standards are when they ask about backgrounds," Emsellem says.
On the plus side, though, Walmart is one of the few companies that allow felons to apply directly for management positions, meaning that if you have the qualifications and the experience, you could get your career back on track quicker than expected.
Many employers and schools will accept people with felony convictions under certain circumstances. This is one of the jobs that hire felons that pay pretty well and offer steady work. Lack of economic resources and opportunities, housing, inadequate education and even previous substance addiction are among the reasons why ex-felons find it so difficult to re-enter the society.
Regardless of the state you live in, your voting rights were impacted by your felony record. The company is signed to the Fair Chance Pledge, while a statement on their official careers website claims that Google ‘considers qualified applicants regardless of criminal histories, consistent with legal requirements'.

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