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Fashion Stylists And Personal Stylists

Fashion stylist jobs should ideally stem from a person's natural instinct of what makes a client look good. Throughout the trajectory of her career, whether curating celebrity's wardrobe or styling an ad campaign, Akers has proven to be an extremely passionate risk taker or self proclaimed you-only-live-oncer.” Always willing to go against the grain, she loves experimenting with ‘7os disco and ‘80s style, drawing inspirations from nature, history and mixing low-end with high-end brands.
For such a short time in the game he's worn many hats including fashion editor of a magazine, US PR Director of Vivienne Westwood, launched a clothing line (Aston corporate style consultant chicago Mozie), dressed pop stars including Justin Beiber, Chris Brown to name a few, worked on Sex and the City 2, and launched a hat collection all under 30.

But a few days later, as I sailed up the escalator to Saks's personal shopping oasis—not even pausing to stroke the sumptuous coats and verdant prints and all manner of studded, gilded footwear along the way—an incredible relief swept over me: On the premises was a woman who was about to save me the mental anguish (how my shopping anxiety got to the "anguish" point I really can't say, but the term isn't hyperbolic) of flipping through rack after rack in search of an item that suited mind, body, and budget, then leaving either empty-handed or in possession of some pricey schmatte I wasn't sure of. When Nicole walked into the waiting area and proved to be, in fact, a charming, pretty 29-year-old with a slightly preppy, aspirational yet unintimidating presence and two tiny wrist tattoos (aka, she wasn't a retailing robot who'd truss me up in polished "careerwear" I'd never use), a tiny flame of positivity flickered in my brain.
Fashion stylists must have extensive knowledge of current fashion trends and brand names, as well as an in-depth understanding of the history of fashion. They sometimes act like image consultants, giving their celebrity clients personal advice as to what they should wear on an everyday basis but the primary role of the celebrity stylist is to style celebs for formal public appearances.

The former normally works in the fashion industry proper, frequently styling photographic shoots for fashion spreads that will later appear in glossy magazines, whilst the latter work privately on a personal level with clients. We've custom designed our Image Consultant and Personal Shopper services around helping you to define your personal style and build your essential every day wardrobe.
Between pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing from L.I.M., she worked under the tutelage of fashion's most accomplished stylists and editors, such as Camilla Nickerson, Lori Goldstein and B. Ackerlund. For more information about Katie Schuppler and her styling business, please visit her website here or follow her on Instagram ( @KSStyleConsulting ) and Windy City Cosmo ( @WindyCityCosmo ).
In person, you have the opportunity to meet with a personal stylist and try on clothes from the over seventy brands it currently carries. She learned the fashion business on her own and has styled celebs like Keyshia Cole, Angela Simmons, and Donald Glover. It is common for image consultants to use clothing accessories, hairstyle, and make-up to help their clients to look better.

They will also give you helpful feedback about what to wear, and what styles to steer clear of. A Personal Shopper takes the guesswork out of renewing your wardrobe, saves you time and can actually save you money. Personal stylists are always in tune with current trends and the great ones will also be able to predict future trends that will carry you into the next season and further.
For those who are working with private clients, getting professional certification from the Association of Image Consultants International may enhance your resume and may help you build a steady stream of clients. Suggest and style looks for LCG Staff & Clients by creating a personalized experience that matches their client profile.
A My Stylist @ Macy's professional can help update your seasonal wardrobe with just a few additions or a broad range of fresh staples and accessories. To start with you have to find the right shops, the stores that sell clothes in line with your fashion and style.
They will analyze your personality, tastes and lifestyle and help you discover the a look that is fashionable and right for you. Alison defines her personal style as a bohemian minimalist, but doesn't shy away from the occasional menswear inspired get-up. Shopping Girl's mission is to build a personal relationship with each client in order to provide all personal styling needs as well as affordable, unique, and customized fashion consulting.

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