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SureView Systems owns, develops, sells and supports the Immix® product line. We're so thrilled to be creating a presence in Denver but we also believe that it's important and valuable to our students, instructors and our team that we have a global presence and that people can take a course in one market and then seek employment in another.
With advances in big data analytics and video technology, the remote video surveillance from Pro-Vigil can properly identify if the threat is of a criminal nature or if it comes from an accident such as an electrical fire All of that data is analyzed remotely in real time, providing constant feedback on what is happening on the premise.

Whether you run a commercial central station, a security service organization or a multinational business, Immix integrates over 500 different products from over 70 manufacturers into one single point of control, which is easy to operate and understand.
Jan, T, Piccardi, M & Gunes, H 2003, 'Suspicious behavior assessment for visual surveillance using neural network classifiers', CISST'03: PROCEEDING OF THE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON IMAGING SCIENCE, SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGY, VOLS 1 AND 2, pp. 657-661.

We talk to Liz Simon, General Counsel for General Assembly, about why it's important for students to consider outcomes as they research coding bootcamps, how they calculated their 99% job placement rate, and what they're working to add to future reports.
The adoption of automated video analytics, deployment of IoT (Internet-of-Things) sensors to monitor pipes, and centralization of enterprise command military surveillance centres to manage the numerous security systems across huge geographical areas are all solutions the current &G industry is looking for.
Sentry View Systems provides technology solutions that can aid in confronting the continually changing threats to critical Department of Defense (DoD) sites and other high-value assets from intruders, explosives, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear (CBRN), and other combined threats.

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