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Cosmetic Surgery Ballymena

My career sky rocketed into all sorts of other treatments in the Medical Aesthetics arena and my passion grew for this type of Face Lift Ballymena work, as it can really make a difference to clients, helping their confidence and making them feel better about themselves.
Applied to cleansed skin and left overnight, this new product from the New Zealand natural skincare brand Trilogy contains a potent blend of bio-actives to boost the skin's natural regenerative process, helping to restore elasticity and suppleness while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.

Violas' products are suitable for all skin types, but we always recommend use in moderation to allow the skin to adapt to the new skincare regime. Visible skin improvement can continue for up to twelve months following a course of 4 †6 treatments depending on a personвЂs individual age and issues.
Dr. John Diamond an expert at administering non surgical dermatological treatments treats patients at this clinic. At North Antrim Aesthetics, we offer specialised treatments to soften the facial lines. Ultra Sound Cavitation Technology to break up the stubborn fat cells and Radio Frequency to tighten the skin and help with the dispersion of the fat as waste from the body.

HM Beauty is a stockist of Environ Skincare created by one of the world's leading cosmetic surgeon's Dr Des Fernandes. Fraxel repair is also used for ablative removal procedures such as treatment of wrinkles furrows and fine lines. I underwent the Microdermabrasion treatment and it has helped to significantly reduce the appearance of my acne scars, I'm confident enough to not feel like I have to wear makeup all the time.
Lack of collagen is one of the skincare issues we suffer from the most as we get older, so a good anti-ageing product should have collagen-boosting properties, like this one contains. Beauty salons tend to focus on "feel good" treatments such as waxing , facials, massages, manicures & pedicures and other relaxing body treatments.

Our medical non surgical procedures are 100% safe Theres no downtime You see a result even after your first non surgical facelift Treatments take 30 minutes to an hour depending on what your facial, neck and eye needs are. There are numerous reasons why you develop creases, facial lines or wrinkles.
At Hifu we offer the perfect solution for customers looking for skin tightening, face and neck uplifts and weight loss treatments. We aim to deliver results driven treatments along with home care products and have a scientifically based approached. Combined with anti ageing Bio Face lifting features that can reduce the appearance of fine lines, improve the skin condition and enhance definition by treating sagging skin we is the answer to your prayers.
Immediately after micro needling we apply professional strength cosmeceutical skin care products †it is at this point the active ingredients will be able to absorb deeper into the skin. This anti-wrinkle skin rejuvenating facial smoothes deep wrinkles and fine lines using an AHA peeling treatment.

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