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Search Engine Optimisation Services

Every business worth its name wants to have a web presence. With his strong passion for business growth he moved on to the world of Digital Marketing where he further honed his business skills and expertise in Digital Strategy working with several leading Digital Marketing Agencies in NZ over the past 6 years, before settling with PureSEO.
We can make sure your pages tell the search engines what they're about, in a way that that makes them as relevant as possible, without overdoing it. To do this requires a combination of the right content and the right code How the page has been developed, it's source code does make a significant difference.

Many Auckland site owners attempt to do-it-yourself by selecting a few relevant keywords and filling their web pages content with them, a lot of site owners rely on WordPress plugins such as Yoast, taking those instructions instantly have a site optimized for SEO.
Since moving to New Zealand, Alfonso worked mostly as a freelancer or contractor with clients based in New Zealand and overseas, collaborated to launch a successful e-commerce startup in Italy and in the last years he worked agency side at ReachLocal and YoungShand in Auckland, before joining Pure SEO in March 2019.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation (or commonly spelt as Search Engine Optimization for US-based customers), it is the process of manipulating website design Auckland Google's search results in order to have your website appear higher in Google for specific search phrases (keywords) or keyword topics.

It is this commitment to showcasing the absolute latest practices and updates in Search Engine Optimization, we are consistently setting the benchmark for SEO in NZ, for this reason we have establish ourselves as one of the leading SEO sites in Auckland New Zealand.
We are a family of knowledgeable, experienced, and creative digital design and online marketing professionals who live and breathe SEO & Search Engine are a global web advertising company working with people throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK & USA.

The significant majority (around 70%) of clicks delivered to websites by Google still come from organic search results, rather than paid search ads (AdWords). As we focus on results at Kiwi Website Design, the SEO strategy we will develop for your business will target keywords that will get the best results for your business.
With keywords, we focus on generating traffic through targeted, relevant keywords that drive highly qualified searches to your page. Gregor is a self-confessed marketing and business development enthusiast, whose passion for digital began almost a decade ago while providing consulting to a range of British startups and SME's.
At Kiwi Website Design, our SEO Auckland services only use whitehat strategies. And its your company that gets penalised, not your SEO services provider, so run your own diligence. We are Search Engine Optimizers (SEO), Website Designers, Web Developers, Graphics Designers, Creatives and all round great people.

There are many SEO Auckland so-called experts who use tactics that aim to cheat” the Google algorithm. Thanks for visiting and congratulations for seeking advice or assistance on the topic of Search Engine Marketing. With an iDigital Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) campaign we ensure your website appears when customers are searching for your business.
Keywords are the search terms specific to your business that people type (or talk) into Google. Of course, a local SEO company can also help increase international traffic to your website as well, if this is part of your overall strategy. Using this strategy, you can get to the top of search results incredibly quickly and have your business exposed to the widest possible search audience.

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