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MGR Dancehall Allstar Vol1

With the compilations to impress every time, Soul Jazz Records come correct once again with Dancehall Vol. The group's first project will be a continuous compilation of both Reggae and Ragga vibes from a multiple of renowned producers every few months through these compilations that will focus on branding artists and producers already internationally recognized by teaming them up with local brands of Zimbabwe's serious contenders along side those of other leading Africans countries within the music industry.
The cd is a dancehall compilation with various artist like wayne wonder , richie stevens and to name a few and a few up and comming artist This compilation is to be followed by a couple of albums by late spring 2009 this is just a little something to let music lover get ready for some new artist with new sounds So look out for artist like tom laing, fragga ranks and many more.

The Annual Ragga Ragga Ragga Series will feature some of Jamaica's biggest dancehall hits like Spice's So Mi Like It”, and Vibe Kartel's Punanny A Mi Best Friend.” It also will be featuring some of Jamaican's best emerging artists like Don Husky, Radijah, and Alkaline.
His influence of this one crucial digital rhythm was apparent to most of forthcoming rhythms and producers are now allowed to reduce their producing costs by not employing a group of professional studio musicians to build those digital rhythms. The tunes range far back into the early days of dancehall music, drawing roots from the classic sound system songs of the 1960s in Kingston, Jamaica.
Created by keyboardist Noel Davey at King Jammy's studio with singer Wayne Smith, the rhythm exploded on the airwaves and has been versioned ever since. Dancehall is also a culture that encompasses music, fashion, drugs, guns, art, community, technology and more.

Sleng Teng” was one of earliest rhythms to start the dancehall revolution in the 1980s. In the mid-'90s, the label was influential in connecting Jamaican and British MCs and dancehall artists with young producers to release a series of early jungle tracks. Dub Store Records is the Ska, Rocksteady, Reggae and Dancehall reissue label run by the eponymous Tokyo based record store.
Rights groups have demanded that concerts featuring artists such as Buju Banton, Bounty Killer and Elephant Man be cancelled because their songs advocate SKUN RIDDIM BASHMENT By DJ C-AIR violence against gays. Listening to this compilation one may be taken back to Dancehall rhythms of the 90s that put you in a party mood.
The riddim in Jamaican musical culture, is the instrumental part of a song, often composed solely of drums and bass. In the early days of dancehall, each version was released as a separate single, but since the early 2000s a batch of versions will usually be released as a digital album.

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