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Slam Latches

Push to close, pull to open. Incorporated in the year 1995 Prime Industrial Corporation” is reckoned as a distinguished wholesaler, trader and supplier of Cable Marking Ferrules, Saddle And Clip, Nylon Cable Tie, Identification Marking Tag, Flat Cable Support, Blanking Plug, Mini Knob, Lacing Cord Dori and Binding Wire, Snap Type Grommet, Guide Clamp,Guide Bush,Standard Lock, Die Casted Lock Round Insert, Spring Loaded Lock, Round Insert Key, T Handle Lock, Diecast Open Lock, 3 Point Lock, Powder Coated Flush Lock, Round Bar Hinges, Small Polymide Hinges, Tower Bolt Stopper, Air Vent Filters, Cooling Fan, Electrical Fuse, On Load Changeover Switches, Load Break Switches,Terminal Blocks Melamine, Push Button and Contact Element, Pilot Lamps, CAM Operated Rotary Switch, Relays and Socket, Toggle Switch, Push Button Station, Terminal Strips, Neutral Links, Single Core Wires, PVC Ducts and Channels, Antique Gold Buttons etc.
A latch is not the same as the locking mechanism of a door or window, although often they are found together in the same product. But Trash Chute Slam Latch my basement storage has TV and all kinds of other expensive stuff in it. Would be interested in if the new slam latches work too.
The offset contacts the contact surface of the striker and the offset rotates as it slides on the contact surface of the striker and compresses the spring loading mechanism until the offset reaches an end of the contact surface, and the offset rotates and snaps into the recess in the locking surface of the striker.

The locking mechanism assembly 100 comprises a lock 200 in rotatable engagement with rods 300 that interacts with a plurality of strikers 400 positioned proximate or around the container rim 90 in a locking relationship to lock the lid 40 closed. There are different type of door latches.
The spring-loaded pin is square with an angled edge that smoothly retracts as it engages with the keeper and then extends back into place in a locked position. Shows the lock of the locking mechanism in the open position. Take a look at the features for Self-Locking Slamcam Self-Locking Slam Cam.
Stainless Steel locking slam latch for extra security and safety. A slam type locking mechanism is described. Deadlocking latchbolt (deadlatch) is an elaboration on the latchbolt which includes a guardbolt to prevent shimming” or jimmying” of the latch bolt. 1. A 90 turn of the Swinghandle brings the cam into the locked position.

Slam latches are designed to close automatically whenever a door or drawer is pushed shut, by hand or by gravity. The present invention relates to a slam latch for a storage container, such as a toolbox or storage compartment in or on a vehicle. The spring loading mechanism urges the rods to a locked position.
Changing out cam locks and slam latches. The container or the lid comprises a striker. The slam type locking mechanism includes a lock having a lock housing, a paddle handle, and a spring loading mechanism. Grabber catch latches are similar in operation and generally have a specified force required to release the spring loaded latch.

Material Stainless steel 316 Accessary Includes 2pcs mounting screws, 1pcsstrike, 1pcsmounting cup Similar products Key locking versions LM-3303 plastic, and non-key locking versions LM3202 is optional. The board could be slid past the frame to block the door.
In this embodiment, this amount of rotation of the rod 300 provides for the offset 340 to slide on the contact surface of the striker 400 and then snap under the striker 400. Latchbolt or Latch bolt An extremely common latch type, typically part of a lockset , it is a spring-loaded bolt with an angled edge.
The lockable slam latches are both supplied with 2 keys. The rods are in a rotational engagement with the lock, wherein the rods have an offset that interacts with a striker on the container or lid in a locking relationship. Latches range in complexity from flexible one-piece flat springs of metal or plastic, such as are used to keep blow molded plastic power tool cases closed, to multi-point cammed latches used to keep large doors closed.

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