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What Engineers Need To Know About Fire Dampers

Globe Technologies Corporation - The World's leading manufacturer of high quality fusible links used in the fire protection industry. It is another object of the present invention to provide a novel motorized smoke and fire damper incorporating cable means which are continuously tensioned by a motor to normally retain the damper blade assembly in an open condition and which automatically acts to release the blade assembly upon de-energization of the motor.
When it comes to preventing the spread of fire and smoke in an emergency Fire Dampers are crucial, as they play a crucial role in dayton fusible link the fire safety system of a building, Fire Damper inspections should be carried out to ensure they are working to their optimum.

These systems are activated when the ambient temperature increases to a point that causes the fusible link to release the fire protection system it is incorporated into and thereby restricting the spread of fire, smoke or release a pressurised liquid or gas.
Most of the prior art types of fire dampers which have been commonly employed in building construction utilize an enclosing frame which is affixed directly to the duct system and a blade assembly operable within the frame which is suitable to close the duct opening defined within the frame.
Unwinding of the first spring 66 releases the pulley hub 88 and allows the pulley 86 to immediately become freely rotatable about the spindle shaft 58. In this condition, tension on the cables 96, 97 would be released to thereby allow the blade assembly 20 to drop to the closed position 34 as in FIG.

Upon sensing high temperatures within the duct system, the fusible element fuses to thereby release its blade assembly to close the duct opening, thereby preventing the passage of heat and fire through the fire damper from one fire division to another.
6. The smoke and fire damper according to claim 1 wherein the frictional means comprises a second spring frictionally engaging the bushing, said second spring retarding rotation of the bushing until the first spring tightly grips the said hub of the pulley.

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