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Recently the internet and the media have been buzzing about the deregulation of the gas and electric industries. E. The Franchisee shall provide reasonable notice to Subscribers of any Distributed Antenna System Design pricing changes or additional changes (excluding sales discounts, new products or offers) and, subject to the forgoing, any changes in Cable Services, including channel line-ups.
CableCom, LLC ("CableCom") is a fully integrated turn-key provider of telecommunications services specializing in project management, systems engineering, design, make-ready, aerial construction, directional boring and hard surface excavation in both a residential and commercial environment.

In the event that the terms of any such proposed settlement include the full and complete release of the LFA and do not expose the LFA to other liability due to such settlement and the LFA does not consent to the terms of the settlement, Franchisee shall not settle the claim or action but its obligation to indemnify the LFA shall be limited to the amount of such proposed settlement and Franchisee shall have no further obligation to defend such claims.
C. The Franchisee will offer Subscribers "appointment window" alternatives for arrival to perform installations, Service Calls, disconnects and other activities of a maximum four (4) hours scheduled time block during appropriate daylight available hours, usually beginning at 8:00 AM unless it is deemed appropriate to begin earlier by location exception.

14.2 Payment Request: To the extent the LFA intends to request payment under the letter of credit for an amount due, after the notice and opportunity to cure period set forth in Section 15.1, the LFA shall provide the Franchisee with thirty (30) day's notice to pay any liquidated damages due.
No charge shall be imposed upon the Subscriber for or related to total disconnection of Cable Service or for any Cable Service delivered after the effective date of the disconnect request, unless there is a delay in returning Franchisee equipment or early termination charges apply pursuant to the Subscriber's service contract.
Verizon Communications said its prices are "very competitive" and offer "great value." An AT&T official didn't answer a question asking why their prices were higher, but referred the center — "in an attempt to broaden your perspective," according to an email — to two studies that actually concluded US internet providers charge higher prices for faster connections than providers in the European Union.

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