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How To Kill Ash Borer Beetles

You cannot turn the news on in Kansas City and not hear something about the growing threat of the emerald ash borer. Little may be done to save your tree once it is infested but by close monitoring you may be able to notify pest control agencies so your tree can be correctly removed and disposed of to help prevent the insects from spreading to other trees in your yard or neighborhood.
So, in Jackson county we are now aware of established infestations downtown at 11th & Jefferson, Southwest Blvd & Summit, and now 37th & Wyandotte (I am confident this one extends over to 39-43rd St on SW Trafficway where Ash trees have been declining).

There are thought to be as many as sixty-five different species of ash tree growing across America, from the white, black, blue, and green ash of the Eastern United States to the Mexican, Texas, Arizona, and Oregon ash species of the West and Southwest.
The Missouri Conservation Department advises homeowners to have healthy large ash trees treated and consider treating ash trees protect ash tree against emerald ash borer in kansas city that have less than 50 percent dead branches and missing leaves if they are valuable because of their shade or appearance.

If you are a lover of ash trees, have them on your property, noticed signs of distress in your ash population, or simply want more information on this topic, keep reading to learn how to identify and eradicate this invasive species in your neck of the woods.
Nevertheless, some critics believe that instead of leaving streets virtually empty and denuded, cities should spray select, high quality” trees in the public domain with pesticides. That's the description of the devastation to area ash trees expected to be caused by the emerald ash borer that KCMO City Forester Kevin Lapointe shared with south Kansas City residents at a January 20 meeting of the Southern Communities Coalition.

When this occurs, Davey's certified and bonded arborists can be trusted for safe and efficient tree removal service in Kansas City. The infestation is spreading quickly, and when that happens, it is difficult to get it under control, especially because of the unawareness and lack of knowledge about the Emerald Ash Borer.

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