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Beds, Mattresses & Bedroom Furniture In Australia

Bunk beds - they're a childhood favourite, and a great space-saver - but my-oh-my, they've come a long way. Bunk beds sold in the U.S. are regulated under the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) Manufacturers and importers of children's bunk beds must submit bunk beds to a CPSC-accepted, third-party laboratory for safety testing, and then obtain a Child's Product Certificate that certifies the bed complies with all current safety standards and regulations.
Taking kids beds to superior heights, the Mocka Sonata Bunk is the trendiest kids bed around. Standard: A standard bunk bed features two stacked Twin-size beds. For instance, a bunk bed may technically be Kids Bed L-shaped and Twin-over-Full, or triple loft and futon. If you and your little ones would rather take a look at the range in person, head to your nearest store to experience our massive range of bunk beds.
Kids love bunk beds as they are not only comfortable to sleep on but are also exciting and fun. Under cot footlocker - Extra storage space that fits conveniently under your cot bunk. And our retail offering, sold by Furniture Stores throughout Australia includes a beautifully modern range of beds and bunks to suit any home.

For many Australian families, bunk beds offer an alternative to the conventional bed. Steel: Metal bunk beds are typically the cheapest models on the market, and are widely available. Bunk beds are a popular option for children's bedrooms and guest rooms, as well as dorm rooms, hostels, and other shared sleeping spaces.
As its whole frame is made of sturdy steel, a metal bed frame is best known for its durability and strength, guaranteeing to give you pleasant dreams during every sleep. Whether you're camping, travelling or just don't have the space for a spare guest bedroom, our 3-in-1 camping bunks make it possible to sleep comfortably anywhere and anytime.

Bunk standards in Australia are some of the strictest in the world, hence the lack of internationally designed beds that we stock. Loft beds let you use the same floor space twice. We spoke to Australian industry supplier of beds Peter Deveny, the group manager from A.H. Beard commercial, about his thoughts on bunk beds in the industry.
Plus, if you kids love having sleepovers a bunk or loft bed is great investment to have all their friends in Sydney come over. Most sleep trials run at least 30 nights, and allow customers to return their bunk bed model for a full refund within that window period if they are not satisfied with the product.
Charles also retails a large selection of Australian made furniture and bedding from respectable Australian companies with quality guaranteed at the best prices. Finally, if the concern of soaring beds has you tossing and turning at night, this low-lying My Place Single Bunk Bed design will give you sweet dreams.

Bunk beds are engineered to accommodate two - and in some cases, three or more - individual sleepers in beds that are carefully stacked or layered to ensure safety for all. Our bunk beds and furniture provide robust, industrial-strength bedframes and streamlined bedroom organization.
Some of these designs come with built-in storage, and more recent models will allow you to move the bottom bunk in any way you like including back to the standard bunk bed configuration. Our metal bunk beds for kids come in two main sizes; Single bunk beds which measure 1050mm wide x 1950mm long and king single bunk beds which measure 1150mm wide x 2015 mm long.

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