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San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers

One of the interesting sites that tell you exactly were to avail and whose services to avail when it comes to legal professional help is the Super Lawyers where fellows rate their member lawyers on who is who when it comes to a particular practice location. If you have received a quick settlement offer from an insurance company representing the truck driver or trucking company, let our San Antonio injury attorneys help you determine whether it is a reasonable offer based on your injuries and other losses.
There are frequently many twists and turns to be navigated during a personal injury case, making it extremely important that you hire an experienced and qualified personal injury lawyer to make sure that every procedure is followed, every angle is investigated, and that every argument is expertly made or successfully countered.

Justin Hill decided at a very early stage in his career that he would not merely be a personal injury lawyer, but that he would use his knowledge and abilities to help others and provide time and effort to the communities that have allowed him to be successful.
In many cases, if the amount of money in question is relatively small, the potential legal costs are high, the defendant wishes to avoid negative publicity or the stress of a trial, or if the defendant finally accepts responsibility for your injuries and losses, the legal teams may agree to pursue a settlement to avoid going to trial.
We can provide free consultations on matters involving immigration law, family law, divorce law, criminal law, DWI law, bankruptcy law, credit card lawsuit defense, wills and estates, workers' compensation law, Social Security law, employment law, wrongful termination, discrimination, child support issues, expungements, and elder law.

At the Injury Lawyer San Antonio, we are convinced that individuals who are injured as a result of someone's careless or reckless behavior should not have to deal with the resulting losses on their on. Our experienced personal injury lawyer, Dr. Louis Patino has devoted his career to representing the victims of personal injury accidents, and we would like to help you comprehend the range of legal remedies accessible to you.
Once you and your lawyer are satisfied that you know enough about the circumstances that caused your accident, as well as, your injuries, treatment, and prognosis for recovery, a decision will be made to either attempt to negotiate a settlement with the liable party or their insurance company or to initiate a lawsuit.
We are proud to have been able to help clients throughout San Antonio. Fill out the form to get started with a free evaluation of your San Antonio personal injury Personal Injury Law Firm case. At Martinez & Associates PLLC, our attorneys have decades of experience representing the rights of plaintiffs in a wide variety of personal injury cases.

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