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Felon Friendly Employers

The best jobs for felons are those that pay well and are in great demand. Companies that signed the pledge committed to help level the playing field by banning the box ”—specifically referring to the check box on job applications that asks whether the applicant has been convicted of a felony—and agreed to hold any questions about an applicant's criminal record until they were further along in the hiring process.
High Paying Career for Felons: Construction Manager; average salary is $87,400 , with an estimated maximum of $184,000; save up some money for college from your entry-level earnings, Jobs For Ex-offenders because the majority of construction management jobs require a degree (see the Education section under Career Advancement and Increasing Earning Potential, below).

As a freelancer, you are pretty much not limited by your conviction at all, as most clients that will hire you, will never even consider running a background check on you - these are usually small businesses and solopreneurs that need some remote (usually programming or graphics design or writing) job done.
Like Facebook, the company has roles in a variety of fields, meaning that there are still plenty of opportunities even if your coding skills are not up to scratch You don't have to relocate to the bright lights of Silicon Valley , either, with the company's famously cool offices located all over the US. If you have what it takes to get through Google's recruitment process , then the perks and benefits of making it as a ‘Googler' are also well documented.
In 2001, Ms. Pager sent pairs of black men and white men to apply for low-wage jobs at 350 businesses in the Milwaukee area She picked sets of men who looked alike and were comparably well spoken and she gave them similar résumés — education, employment history — except that one member of each pair was told to claim that he had served 18 months in prison for a felony drug conviction.

For instance, restaurant chains like Longhorn Steakhouse and McDonald's currently has no restrictions on felon recruitment; felons in some cases can get hired by The Olive Garden or Red Lobster; and most other employers only deny felons with a specific type of offense such as violent crimes or sex once accepted, just put in your best efforts and you can get promoted to management positions with better pay.
Even if you have a felony conviction, these employers are hiring people just like you. Therefore, felony job programs are established for ex-convicts. Ex-offenders and felons may have to be creative in finding employment. The on-demand economy is rapidly growing in the US. These jobs are like freelancing, they often don't require interviews or background checks, just your skills, and willingness to work hard.
Though at first thought, it's easy to empathize with employers who immediately discard anyone with a criminal record or run-in with the law, it's become a serious and spreading problem for people who are simply trying to get back into the workforce. For such jobs, felons need to complete a few formalities.
It's a good idea to view any list of companies that hire convicted felons with an open mind but also a skeptical eye. We are working on expanding our Felons Get Hired job board. Felons may have difficulty finding a job, renting an apartment or getting higher education.

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