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Italian Private Course In Milan

Humanitas University is an international University dedicated to the Life Sciences in Milan. The Alta Scuola Politecnica is a joint institution of the Polytechnic University of Milan and Polytechnic University of Turin addressed to young talents who want to develop their interdisciplinary capabilities for leading and promoting innovation, and runs in parallel to the two-year programs of laurea magistrale (graduate courses).
The Polytechnic University of Milan has two main campuses in the city of Milan, where the majority of the research and teaching activities are located, and other satellite campuses in five other scuole medie milano cities across Lombardy and Emilia Romagna The central offices and headquarters are located in the historical campus of Cittą Studi in Milan, which is also the largest, active since 1927.

6-year degree programme in Medicine and Surgery, held in English, is run by Humanitas University in partnership with Politecnico di Milano. Humanitas University is an International Medical School based in Milan, built alongside the renowned Humanitas Research and Teaching Hospital.
We invite you to visit our vibrant school campus and see for yourself our wonderful students and teaching staff, working together in a friendly and warm school environment. The Istituto Europeo di Design offers its students a support service to help them find accommodation.

Join our international medical community where classes are taught in English by experienced professors and medical doctors from around the world. Allow the participants to reach a level of Italian equal to A1-A2, which is, according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) a basic-elementary level of knowledge of a language.
As there is a wide gap between the Italian language for communication and melodrama, we offer courses tailored to help students to fill it. The ticket for a single trip costs € 6, but there are several different types of season tickets and discounts for students and frequent users.
The program offers a mix of core subjects and elective courses in the arts, technology and other academic areas; Grades 11-12 follow the IB Diploma program and students also finish with an American High School Diploma. The Polytechnic University of Milan offers several three-year undergraduate courses, two-year graduate courses, one-year master courses and PhD programs in the fields of engineering, architecture and design.

3-year-degree course for a total of 180 university credits (CFU), taught in Italian, with clerkships from the 1 year. In Italy, education is offered free to all children who are resident in Italy, regardless of their nationality. During their schooling, students will benefit from a very privileged cultural environment conducive to project pedagogy and enhanced language teaching.

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